Renovating your kitchen can be a wonderful experience; however, before renovating your kitchen, take a close look at your kitchen. Examples of kitchen types are U-shaped, L-Shaped, French provincial kitchens and Galley kitchens, Island Kitchen, Peninsula Kitchens and Two Island Kitchens.

Sufficient lighting

Other areas to consider besides layouts are sufficient lighting. Your kitchen is a place where a lot of work gets done and so, you need good lighting, especially when it comes to cooking, baking and all the other details of preparing meals. Your kitchen needs three levels of light: ceiling, counter and focal point lighting.

Trash can placement

Every kitchen needs a decent area for the trash can. Trash cans can be placed inside a cabinet or be freestanding in the kitchen. Placing your garbage can into your cabinetry is easier, especially when it is planned before installation.

Kitchen work triangle

The kitchen work triangle is very important for the kitchen to function well. Most importantly, ensure that nothing blocks movement between the range, sink and the refrigerator. This makes a kitchen great-looking and functional.


Accessibility is another area to keep in mind. In your kitchen you want to make sure that you can reach your dishes and small appliances and to ensure that nothing will fall off the shelf and hurt you or someone else.

Choose a backsplash

Installing a backsplash is not high on the list for most. It can be done later; however, it is important to choose a good tile design and color, especially when you are picking out other materials for your kitchen. Check out your local home improvement store for styles, colors and patterns.

Landing space, a countertop that surrounds your appliances, is most important. If there is not enough landing space, accidents can occur and cause a host of problems such as bringing out hot meals from the oven or taking food out of the refrigerator.

Practical cabinetry

Glass-front cabinet doors look wonderful but they do not work well if your dishes and plates can't match the look.

In addition, many these days are using their dining rooms for large islands. However cute they look, you may get tired of sitting on bar stools every day. Perhaps a nice kitchen table and chairs would work better.

Don't forget your pets

Also, if you have pets, you may want to add their needs to your kitchen design. You could take care of their needs with a special cabinet design or add a stand-alone unit. Thinking ahead for their needs will help with your renovation project.

Kitchen renovations offer a variety of benefits; especially when it comes to improving the functionality of your kitchen. Other benefits are lower energy costs, eco-friendly updates and a safer and a more comfortable and attractive kitchen.

To conclude, follow the above suggestions and renovate a beautiful kitchen!