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Our present world is getting destroyed by us day by day. The use of harmful chemicals is the root cause of it. To save Earth, Environment should be saved. The harmful plastics or chemicals should not be used. To protect our environment an Eco friendly life should be led.

Eco friendly life

To live without harming the environment is called, living an Eco friendly life. As a responsible citizen on Earth, you should live a complete Eco friendly life.

Now, you can't just change the world with your noble purpose. It's you who can show others the way of living an Eco-friendly life. To help you, a list is given to live a complete Eco-friendly life at home.


The most essential thing in your house is your furniture. Furniture are made with woods. You should use furniture disposal services or there are furniture materials which are completely Eco-friendly. Materials which get destroyed over time, are Eco-friendly. Bamboos, for instance are Eco friendly woods. Apart from this the use of natural fibers are also used to make this furniture. Have you ever heard of the term 'sustainable development’?

This is a process where things get produced without harming the environment. Buy your furniture from the company who abides by the rule of this sustainable development. If your furniture is made of recycled substances, then it is good. You can use 'used woods' or recycled woods to make your own furniture.

Clothes and Curtains

Clothes are made with artificial materials. These materials do not mix up with the soil and harms the environment. If you wear clothes and use curtains made of natural materials, it would be a good decision. The use of jute should be mentioned in this regard. Jute fibers are completely Eco friendly. The bags made of jute can be used. Similarly the clothes made of one hundred percent cotton and natural wool should be used.

The power

It is needless to say that electricity is like our life. But this electricity is produced by destroying the resources of Earth. You can change this. There are two types of energy, conventional and unconventional. The solar energy is an unconventional energy source. You can use the solar panels to produce electricity in your house.

Even more solar cooker can help you in cooking food, this cooker uses the energy of the sun and make your food boil. All of this can be done to protect our Earth's natural resources.

Paints and Hardwood finishes

The paints and hardwood polish use toxic materials. Before using and buying any of it you should know about the ingredients of it. If the paint doesn't contain Eco friendly sign, you should avoid it. You should also avoid highly toxic cleaning chemicals.

Electronic and Electric Devices

Electric devices like AC emits CFC. CFC is harmful for our ozone sphere. Not only this, almost every new and powerful electronic device heats up our environment by emitting radiation. You should try to lessen the use of all these gadgets.

Saving the environment for our future generation, is a noble idea. To make this dream true, you have to lead an Eco-friendly life. The above tips will definitely help you to live an Eco-friendly life at your home.