By Nigel Hilton

Choosing to build a house is the start of an exciting, although often stressful, adventure. It's a lot of work, but you can build the house you have always wanted to own. You can stop trying to find your dream home in the properties that already exist and just create it yourself instead. If you've made the big decision to build a home, you probably don't want one that's exactly like anyone else's. You have the opportunity to do anything you like and try something different that you wouldn't just be able to buy. Get some inspiration for how you could do things a little differently below.

The tiny house movement has been growing for years. It's born out of a few things, from people wanting to live more minimally to others trying to grasp a chance at owning a home in an expensive housing market. Tiny houses can still provide plenty of living space, especially when they use clever ways to create flexible spaces. If you only have a small amount of land to build on or you want to keep some outdoor space, keeping your house small can save you money and still give you somewhere fantastic to live. You can find some available small house plans, or design one of your own.

Look for Interesting Materials and Techniques

Another way to get inventive is to find interesting ways to build and decorate your home. Before you start designing your home, you can look for inspiration online or even by visiting some architectural examples you could learn from. You might discover some creative techniques or uses for materials that will give your home a unique edge. Some materials can give you a lot of options, like steel pipe from Varner Pipe LLC. You can use steel piping for a huge range of applications, from fencing to building construction. It's even possible to use it to build a BBQ pit.



Source: Pixabay

Consider an Eco-friendly Angle

Some people choose to build their own home because they want it to be greener than anything they could buy. A truly eco-friendly house takes a lot of consideration to reduce your environmental impact in the long-term. In addition to having a green home at the end, you probably want the construction process to have as little impact on the environment as possible too. You can easily find lots of ideas to inspire you, such as having solar panels or using triple-glazed glass in windows to make it easier to heat the property.

Find an Unusual Location

Another way to do something different is to build in an unusual location. If you haven't secured the land you want to use yet or you want to use it in an interesting way, there are some creative ideas you can use. Some people choose to build treehouses, or perhaps raised homes that look at home among the trees. Maybe you can get some land in the middle of a desert or even build your home into a cliffside or over water.

You can do almost anything you want when you build your own home. Don't feel like you need to stick to convention.