by McKenzie Stalkenburg

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At some point is life, we all might move, hopefully travel and absolutely should give. One may as well say; “We all have stressful events, fun events and fulfilling events”. A fun and educational article, like this, hopes to enlighten about all three at once.



One of life’s most stressful events is moving. It is actually ranked third after death of a family member and divorce. Nope, that doesn’t sound good. Well, our job isn’t to scare you, but to make it easier. So let’s dive into it.

The most important part of a move is the pre-planning. Knowing what is going, what is being given up and planning to pack it all, can reduce the last-minute stress significantly. An organized move will always be the easiest move. Start with a simple list. Have pictures of your new abode to visualize what will go where and then start writing down items by order of significance.

When the actual move starts, few things can be more trying then heavy lifting. Getting that sofa or refrigerator though the door is one way to go from a stressed 10 to a 50, really fast. Save your kids from having to hear word’s never before from your mouth by hiring a good mover. An example of a superior moving company would be Bekins Moving Solutions. This is one area where one should never skimp. Get the best around.

Now that you’re at your new place, get out those photos and your list and have a smooth transition.



Hey! The hard thing is over. Time to go have some fun. Why not take a trip to Europe? Just like moving, planning and execution matter. It’s going to be fun so keep the whole process easy.

Well now we are back at that list. List the things you wish to see and places you wish to go. Give yourself time on that list to enjoy it all at a reasonable pace. Most importantly, let the experts navigate setting up the travel experience. One of the easiest ways to do this is to rely on a full-service tour company that lets you establish the length of trip, budget and where you wish to visit. A full service travel company like, is the stress less way to go. Now go enjoy a trip to Italy.



You’re moved. You’ve had a great trip. Giving back is a “thank you” to the world for all that you have received.

One great way to help is to find a worthy cause, help out and also help raise funds. Pick your cause based on things of which you are passionate. You may choose to help children or animals or the environment. Maybe the organization is tailored to assist in the developing world. Either way, make it something you care about.

With your efforts to raise money or be on the board of a charitable organization, having a structure can once again help. Groups like Global Faces,, can help organize and increase giving to the charity that you have decided to help.

Thanks for giving back. Knowing you’ve helped out, will enhance your life.


So, there you have three different aspects of life. Three different sensations, but all with positive outcomes.

Now go get out there.