When planning a kitchen renovation, the devil is in the details, and this is why it is important to carefully consider your kitchen door handles. The right door handles can showcase your personal flair and complement your overall aesthetic. So, here we’ll explore how to choose those vital finishing touches.


Chrome is a fantastic choice for contemporary, bright kitchens. This gleaming metal finish is ideal for kitchen door handles as it won’t need regular polishing to retain its eye catching and bright appearance. Chrome is also incredibly flexible; it looks fantastic with white doors, but can also add impact to colored finishes. High gloss cabinets look great with chrome kitchen cupboard handles for a sleek and sophisticated look. If you want to add a little texture, opt for a chrome dimpled handle.

Brass or Bronze

These two metals are actually closely related; both are a mix of copper and base metal. Aside from chemistry, brass handles have a brighter, golden gleam, while bronze looks a little more aged with a softer gold finish. Both of these options go well with traditional style kitchens, enhancing the radiance of wood finishes. Brass or bronze kitchen door handles are available in simple or more elaborate styles, depending on how much detailing you would like. If you want a really traditional feel, choose a brass handle with a backplate or for a more simple look, opt for a simple bronze knob.


This age darkened metal can add old fashioned charm to your kitchen units. This silver colored handle works well with wooden cabinets, but it can also work well with modern finishes. Pewter can add character and texture to colored cabinets to reflect your personal flair.

Brushed or Satin

Brushed or satin kitchen door handles can provide a modern silver touch to your units without the bright effects of chrome. This is a pleasant finishing touch that feels smooth as you open your cabinets and can add contemporary style to your decor. Brushed and satin handles are available in simple, elegant styles or with more elaborate detailing.

Matt Black

Black is quite a flexible option depending on your kitchen style. It can look very traditional, creating the effect of age blackened cast iron to complement oak kitchen units or it can also look clean and modern to complement glossy cabinets. If you want to choose simple sophistication, consider a black D handle with simple white kitchen doors. This would also look fantastic if you included black stainless steel appliances for a timeless monochrome design aesthetic that will provide the perfect backdrop for some bold colored accent pieces.

Size and Shape

Once you’ve decided on your color and finish, you need to consider the size and shape of your handles. Remember that your cabinets will be opened and closed frequently every day, so you need a handle that feels comfortable. If you want to keep everything easy to clean, stick to simple shapes such as D handles, but if you want to create a greater impact, consider more elaborate designs.

If you’re thinking about the finishing touches for your kitchen, you should visit us. The Kitchen Door Company has a fantastic selection of kitchen doors and kitchen door handles. Our sales team would be delighted to help you to choose your kitchen cabinets handles to perfect your new kitchen.