by Zoe Zorka

Education is a big part of your career. If you study the right things, then you can go a very long way in life. While all knowledge is powerful, it pays to explore specific areas that will perhaps yield the best results for your career. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best things you can study in 2019: 

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A broad topic, but one that’s more relevant than ever before. Everyone is concerned with global warming, and energy plays a significant role here. You can study renewable energy sources and enter a career developing new ways to power the world. Or, you can research energy efficiency and become a consultant for businesses or investors. As you can see here, there are certifications you can get as well. So, you could use your knowledge to pass exams and become a certified energy management professional. Again, this helps open new doors and new career opportunities for you. As the world gets older, energy will become more and more relevant. So, this is something that presents some excellent long-term gains. 

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Plastic Recycling

On a similar note, plastic recycling is another piping hot topic in 2019. Once more, we’re looking at global warming and the fate of our planet here. The oceans are packed full of plastic waste, a lot of plastic can’t be recycled, and so on. Therefore, this is the perfect topic to study. People who learn about this are dedicating their lives to finding new and innovative plastic recycling solutions. From developing new single-use plastics to creating things that can be biodegradable. The opportunities are endless, and this is another field with a long future ahead of it. Even if you don’t go down the development route, you can still use your knowledge to advance your career. For example, you may open a business that only uses recyclable or biodegradable plastic materials. As a result, you have a USP that appeals to the masses and can help you reel in some customers!

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Something slightly different to round this article off! Cybersecurity refers to how we keep our computers and networks secured against threats. It’s such a massive thing to study right now. People are only just realizing the complete lack of knowledge and investment in cybersecurity. With the threat of hackers looming larger than ever, there’s no better time to improve your knowledge. You can definitely get qualifications and certifications here, and it paves the way for some successful careers. Every business worth its salt needs a cybersecurity expert on board. It’s a brilliant career to freelance in as well, which means you can earn a lot of money from it. 

It doesn’t matter how you study these things, what matters is that you gain vital knowledge and use it wisely. These three areas relate to three of the biggest issues in the world right now. As such, the career options are better than they’ve ever been. Develop your skills by studying any of these things and finding a job with excellent longevity.