by Haris Quintana

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Running out of space in your home? There are many ways to free up space in your home without having to build an extension. Here are just a few ways to create extra space in your home.


There could be space in your home being taken up by unwanted clutter. Consider having a clear-out to get rid of these unwanted belongings. You can help motivate yourself by looking into cheap skip bin hire and see how much stuff you can put in the skip. You may also be able to sell some items for cash online. Clearing out clutter isn’t easy and you may want to get help from a friend or family member to keep you motivated.

Knock down interior walls

Knocking down interior walls and opting for an open-plan layout could help to create a sense of more space. This is commonly used to connect kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms in order to create one giant living space. This is a job that should always be carried out by professionals as removing interior walls can be dangerous. Be wary of knocking certain rooms together to create one room as you could negatively affect the value of your home (for instance, you don’t want to knock to bedroom into one, as having one less bedroom will dramatically devalue your home).

Buy multi-purpose furniture

You may also be able to free up space by opting for multi-purpose furniture. For instance, you can often buy sofas and beds with in-built storage. There are also multi-purpose appliances such as washer-dryers and multi-purpose storage such as mirrored wardrobes. My combining items in your home, you could help to save space.  

Buy collapsible furniture

There may also be the option of collapsible furniture as a way of saving space. For example, there are collapsible dining tables that you can buy and store in a cupboard when not in use – these could give you the option of extra floor space when you don’t need your dining table. There are even collapsible beds suitable for bedsits.  

Take advantage of vertical space

Making better use of vertical space could free up floor space. For instance, rather than putting a TV on a stand, you could consider mounting it on a wall. Similarly, it may benefit you to swap out sideboards and chests for shelves. Magnetic knife racks and hooks can also be used as an alternative to knife blocks and containers, which could be taking up vital countertop space.