Skin Matching: A Comprehensive Age Appropriate Guide

by Lina Martinez

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The pollutants, grime, dirt, and sun you encounter daily take a considerable toll on your skin. While you might not realize it immediately, the effects will show over time in pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, and breakouts. There are several treatments for these issues, but they are expensive, take time, and have no guaranteed results.

Preventing skin issues will prove more beneficial compared to treating them. The ideal choice for prevention is found at a facial clinic in Manila. Facials have been around for ages and are now offered almost everywhere you will look. Moreover, there are now different types of facial treatments. This does not mean that all facials will be beneficial for your skin. You should match your treatment to your skin type and age since your needs will change based on these two factors. The following is a guide for matching your facial to your age.

The Twenties

At this age, most people are just getting out of their teenage acne and working towards getting clear skin. Having a monthly spa visit will keep your skin clean and delay its aging. Maintenance and prevention are the two primary elements facials will focus on in your twenties. Deep-cleansing facials comprising kaolin or clay are the ideal choice at this point as they will draw impurities from your skin. The clay particles will also unclog your pores, stimulate circulation, and exfoliate. If you have sensitive or dry skin, opt for a facial mask with aloe or chamomile extracts to soothe it.

The Thirties

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Hormones will rule your skin’s condition at this age. Most breakouts are associated with stress and pregnancy that will push your oil glands into overdrive. Facials in your thirties are primarily geared towards the prevention of breakouts through the extraction of sebum from your clogged pores. The ideal facials for you will be those touted as ‘’purifying’’ or ‘’clarifying’’. These have exfoliating fruits like pumpkin, cherries, papaya, berries, and cranberry as their active ingredients.

The Forties

At this age, the primary goal of facials is to stop spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. This is because the skin replenishment that takes place every 28 days in your 20s now takes 45-50 days, consequently leaving your skin dull, exaggerating wrinkles, and fine lines. In your forties, your facial starts with an enzyme, beta-hydroxy, or glycolic peel that will remove the dead top skin layer. Hydrating masks are then used for smoothening wrinkles while anti-inflammatory and antioxidants masks reduce skin sensitivity.

The Fifties

Facials at this age center on maintaining your skin tone and elasticity. These issues are attributed to the decrease of estrogen that, in turn, reduces collagen production, leaving you with thin and dry skin. You will also contend with crow’s feet, hollow eyes, thin lips, and deep frown and smile lines. Hydrating and firming facials like those with sea plants rich in trace minerals and vitamins are ideal in your fifties.

For a long time, facials have been only for women. While the above tidbits largely center on the issues that affect women’s skin, facials are also essential for men. Looking good and slowing down aging is, after all, not reserved for women.