When it comes to watering your lawn, too much can be harmful. You need to be really careful about the water you give the greens. Follow the tips for a healthy lawn with a strong and deep root system.

Water during the morning

An ideal time to water is in the early morning hours. This means right before 10 AM. When the temperature is cool and the breeze is calm, it will stop evaporation. Also, watering during the morning hours will keep the turf cool in the warmer part of the day and it will give less stress to the grass. Another alternative is to water late afternoon. It is ideal to wait for the evening when the temperature is cooler but watering in the evening will keep the lawn wet over the night which will make it susceptible to many diseases. 

Soak about 6 inches in the soil 

You need to water long enough to ensure that the water seeps in the soil about 6 inches. This is the depth of a healthy root system and it will take about one inch of water to wet the normal lawn to this depth. To keep your grass green and healthy, Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics Corp (https://hydrodynamicscorp.com/) says that your lawn needs at least one inch of water a week during spring, summer, and fall. There are many ways you can check if the lawn is receiving an adequate amount of water or not. You can use a screwdriver to test the same. If it penetrates the soil to a depth of six inches with ease, you have watered enough. 

Do not use oscillating sprinklers; use pulsating ones

The best way to water grass is through built-in sprinklers. It is an efficient system that will pay off in the long duration. If you want to buy sprinklers, you need to choose a pulsating sprinkler that is hooked to your garden hose. It will shoot the water horizontally at high speed so that it is not vulnerable to evaporation and wind. 

With new grass, go easy

If you have a new yard, you need oscillating sprinklers. Pulsating sprinters are perfect for lawns that have mature grass. For immature, new grass, the water should not be too strong. You need to ensure that the top inch of the soil is moist but not soggy and monitor the water from time to time unit it reaches three inches in height. 

Water two times in a week

You need to water clay soil once a week and sandy soils once in three days. A lot of people water their lawn like landscape plants and this does more harm than good. Do not water for 15 minutes every day. Do not overwater. Allow the roots to penetrate into the soil and water only two times in one week. You need to water infrequently and deeply. 

Follow these watering tips for a healthy and green lawn.