by Joseph Heiswasser


All the time and effort that goes into designing a home, at the end of it all you want to be left in no doubt that you have achieved what you wanted. Building projects such as homes are far more complex than anyone might think. Houses look simple from the outside but internally, the contemporary home is just as complex as any high-rise commercial office building. Yet, just because the home is complicated doesn’t mean you want your lifestyle inside it to be the same. There are plenty of ways you can inject fun and pleasure in your home design. Leisure is something that we don’t often consider when thinking about what our home means to us. Sitting down on your leather sofa with a glass of wine is not leisure. Leisure is when you’re purposefully doing something or enjoying something that’s designed from the ground up to put your mind at ease. It's there to please you, make you feel happier and content.

A neoclassical luxury

Modern homes should look back to the earlier periods of interior design, way earlier in fact. The neoclassical interior designs specifically focused on grand, elegant yet humble decor and leisure ideas. The best and most loved leisure activity of the neoclassical interior style is of course the indoor swimming pool. You can have Greek pillars that support the ceiling around the pool, which also adds to the charm of the classic style. These days however you can and should also choose to implement systems that heat up the water too, so you can go swimming during any time of the year. For that however you’ll require water pumps as the water has to be heated in small batches and that will of course mean fresh water in another tank or closed off area. These modern pumps are designed for both commercial and residential uses. They can be for cooling towers but for home swimming pools too.

Indoors neoclassical swimming pools don’t have to be Olympic sized pools at all, they can be intimate and small if you wish. However, to go with the pool, it's a good idea to have a small fireplace nearby. This is great for warming up the room itself so you can also sit and eat near the pool. A small round dining table would be great with some comfortable wooden picnic chairs so you can do this. The indoor pool will usually have to be built separately from the home but if your garage is large enough to be converted, then you can use this space also.

Your very own spa

In the current climate of home design, one of the cheapest leisure spaces you can build is an indoor spa. Spas are already simple to understand, they have smaller areas that can combine together so you can take on each part as you go. For example, the first thing to focus on is a simple Jacuzzi. A seashell shape, round, square or rectangular, it’s up to you. The spa experience isn’t complete without hot water with soothing salts and bubbling steam. Next you can add a large shower area where you can wash off any products you use on your skin. However it must be zero fuss, a large shower head and walk-in style entry of the shower is crucial. The design of the floor should be such that the water flows seamlessly into the drain or drains. A little sunken dip in the center is a firm but simple way to get this done.

Next you can move onto massage tables which can free stand and allow you to lie down while being pampered by your partner. It's also where you can store your creams and ointments in a small wooden drawer next to you. The smaller yet vitally important aspects such as heated towel racks, good steam ventilation, a smooth strong sink and high-quality steam-resistant mirrors are also items to include. If you do have the space, you should also consider a home sauna which is fit for up to four people. Many of these things can standalone separately, thus it's up to you which things you include in your home spa.

Enjoying the show

Any home entertainment room must be looked at different these days. It's not just about a large room where you can have cinema style seating, but rather blending the lounge room into the movie theater. It's best to look at individual luxury seats, than to have large open sofas and pull-down chairs. Seating in rows is going to make the room cumbersome and crowded as well as waste a lot of space. Therefore, look at staggered seating so everyone has their own chair and can see the screen clearly. Absolutely no obstruction of the view ahead and plenty of legroom so guests can stretch and make themselves feel comfortable. 

It's also vital you choose a screen that is merged into the wall. The installation will mean that you might need to construct an entirely new wall so you achieve a smooth fit. Any home theater room is going to be expensive but if you make it just about seating and screening, you can add the rest later when you are able. Acquiring the best sound systems on the market is also vital to give your guests a quality experience they won’t forget. Consider 360 degree sound so you get consistent sound quality from whatever angle or distance you’re viewing the screen from. Soundproofing the room will keep the rest of the house from getting annoyed when you’re watching a blockbuster and they’re trying to get some sleep.

The contemporary leisure design for homes is becoming more advanced as the years go on and the advancements in technology mean space is maximized. Consider a neoclassical indoor swimming pool that adds so much elegance to your home. With a water pump you can keep the water clean and pump hot water into the pool for a cold day swim. Creating your own home spa is perhaps the cheapest way to add luxury and leisure to your home. It also gives you so much freedom to choose what you want, so there’s no style you have to follow.