by Nigel Hilton


Online casinos have become popular quite quickly. The high number of games as well as the versatility of the platforms are huge incentives for players, both regular and newbies.

For sure, we can consider the twenty-first century like a singularity, a moment during which everything takes a different direction for what concerns online gaming.

New technologies have distributed games worldwide, especially thanks to smartphones and tablets. Indeed, mobile has a data connection and touch screens, basically they are fundamental tools to consider these devices the perfect platforms for online casino games.

Although all the above has generated a massive increase of online casinos users, to keep the trend, or even increase it, the introduction of bonuses and super awards has been necessary. Read more about why these jackpots slots are so appealing or follow this link.

The power of jackpots

When we play our brain generates adrenaline and serotonin, two substances which make us feel excited and happy.

For a lot of people, these “proteins shake” is a real drug, so much to create a real addiction.

Based on this “simple” principle, I-Gaming manufacturers decided to introduce Jackpots. A mountain of money up to grab by a very lucky player. We can talk about 3 main ones, mini, the medium one and the maxi one.

When a player hits the highest of the jackpots, the reward can easily reach ten thousand times the stake. Contrary to what you think, they are very popular and the chances to win them are quite high.

A progressive jackpot is also known as a life-changing prize. It consists of a booty up to grab among all the casinos players. Casinos make a deal to merge money into a single massive virtual pot. For each player who hits the spin button, a certain quantity of money is deposited into the pot.

Making a rapid calculation and considering that online casino players are millions, we can say that progressive jackpots can easily reach millions of pounds.

It is not that unusual to see players jumping off the chair to celebrate the blow of their lives. One of the highest jackpots ever won has touched 17 million euros. They are for sure, the most lucrative reward available online.

To make everything even more appealing, the manufacturer created a system where the chances of winning remain always the same, in spite of the number of competitors.

Indeed, to guarantee this uniformity, these rewards are assigned using a random method. A sequence of numbers is given every time a player spends a penny, when the sequence matches with the winning combination the bells ring and the player becomes rich.

Final thoughts on progressive jackpots

It is easy to understand why jackpots are so appealing. People for their nature are attracted by easy money, they are even more attracted by the challenge behind the attempt to win it.

Who doesn’t want to win a life-changing amount of money? The best way to make huge winnings is to try one of these progressive slot machines on one of the online casinos available.