by Nigel Hilton


Buying your first car can be both exciting and daunting. The thought of owning your first set of wheels can give you an adrenaline rush. You will start making lots of plans for traveling and other things you can do once you have your vehicle.

Your feelings of excitement, however, may also be accompanied by some anxiety. You may have some worries about taking on a huge financial responsibility, especially if you are planning to take out a car loan. The pressure to ensure that you will buy a vehicle that is worth every penny you shell out can be quite stressful as well, especially if you are leaning towards getting a pre-owned one.

Preparing well for your first visit to a pre-owned car showroom and dealership in Dubai will help dispel all your worries throughout the buying process. It will also help you make a smart decision when the time comes for you to finally choose and purchase your auto.

To fully prepare for your first visit to a car dealership, be more at ease with the process, and make a wise purchasing decision, follow these tips:

1.    Research your dream car

Narrowing down your options to one vehicle and an alternative is a vital stage in the whole auto shopping process. However, shortlisting your choices based on recommendations from friends is not enough; you need to know the ins and outs of your possible first car.

Before visiting a dealership, go online and read reviews for the make, features, and other specifications of the car you want to buy. Make a note of the average selling prices in your area as well.

Save all the information you get or deem essential on your smartphone or other handheld devices. You can also print them out and organize them in a folder. When you visit a dealer, bring all your researched info so that you have something ready to refer to.

2.    Look up the dealer online

Even if you are set on buying a vehicle from a particular dealer because of a friend’s or co-worker’s recommendation, take the time to read up on this company. You can do some online research as well.

Check the dealer’s online reviews and ratings. Take the time to read about the personal comments and experiences of past customers, too. Get as much information as you can about the company.

When you find that the dealer has a good reputation, you will be more comfortable when you visit them and talk to one of their sales staff. Your mind won’t be clouded with doubts and, as such, you will go through the car-shopping process more efficiently.

3.    Work out your budget and financing in advance

If you have not yet set a budget for your car, do so before visiting a dealer. Use the prices you came across on your online research as your basis. 

Having a budget will make your overall buying goal clearer to the dealer’s sales staff and help them make suggestions that won’t cause you to go broke.

In case you can pay for your car in cash, you won’t have to bother about getting financing. However, if you are getting an auto loan, accomplish whatever you can before going to the dealer. A good place to start is to check your credit score.

Work on improving your credit score if it is currently low. By doing so, you will get better rates on your loan.

4.    Set your goal for your visit

Once you have done all your homework, set your budget, and worked something out regarding the payment, establish your goals for your first visit to the dealer.

Think about what you want to get out of your first visit. Do you only want to look at the vehicles and talk to a salesperson? Or do you want to inspect your dream car inside and out?

Another goal that you can have for visiting a dealer is to take the car for a test drive and sign the papers if you are satisfied.

5.    Get in touch with the dealership before your scheduled visit

Lastly, calling or sending an email to the dealer before your visit will save you a lot of time and trouble.

When you call or send an email or text message, ask the staff if they currently have the car you are interested to buy. If you want to take it out for a test drive, find out if you can do so on the date of your visit.

You can also start asking any questions you already have during this initial contact. By doing so, you will get whatever concerns or issues you may have out of the way. This will also help you focus more on the actual car shopping process.

Going to a dealership for the first time does not have to be an anxiety-inducing experience. As long as you prepare well for your initial visit, you will breeze through the process and find the car that you’ve always wanted.