by Sharon Jones


Image: Pixabay License CC0

When you think about needing a lawyer, you usually think about getting help when you are in trouble with the law. Criminal case law, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Your lawyer can help you with so many different aspects of your life. You will also probably be aware of other types of legal professional who will be involved in other areas such as handling liable cases or dealing with compensation for accidents. However, you might be surprised at some of the ways that you can engage a legal professional to help you out. 

Horses For Courses

Equine law is maybe something that you may never have considered even existing. However, they do indeed exist. Horses are valuable animals. They are used for a number of purposes. Some people use them for transportation. They are very often used in racing. And, they are used for breeding. Thoroughbreds are highly sought after, and a horse with a good genetic lineage can be worth a great deal of money. When it comes to breeding and selling these horses there is a lot at stake. Therefore, it is quite prudent to draw up contracts with any parties that are involved in the transaction. 

The Complexities Of Entertainment

It’s not always an area that you think about lawyers working in. However, there are lots of reasons why the entertainment industry needs legal professionals. Contracts continually need to be drawn up between production companies, distributors, artists, directors, writers, crew members, suppliers, and a multitude of other people. So much goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment business, there needs to be legal assistance to make sure that everyone’s best interests are being met. 

Then comes the copyright infringement. How often do you hear about somebody claiming that they have had their music stolen by another artist? It probably happens a lot more than you would ever know about, as many cases don’t end in dramatic fines.  

Keeping The Internet Above Board

There is a whole new world of legal issues when it comes to the internet. The early days where it appeared to be a bit like the wild west, with large land grabs for domain authority and very little governance. From dealing with issues surrounding piracy and file sharing, through to predators, the internet has more than its fair share of legal problems. A huge area of involvement for the legal profession when it comes to the internet is the drawing up of terms and conditions. These important legal documents are on so many websites, there is a constantly growing market for lawyers specializing in digital media. 

The Law Of The Road

There are of course lawyers who are heavily involved in dealing with issues surrounding vehicles. Whether that is handling speeding tickets or managing drunk driving pleas. With so many cars on the road, you can imagine the number of legal issues that there may be in total. 

Immigration Issues 

Immigration is a complicated legal matter. Immigration lawyers need to deal with a number of different issues. From helping people who are in the process of moving to the country, to assisting those who face extradition. This can be an emotionally charged area of law to work in.