What Are the Lighting Options for Different Business Signage?

by Haris Quintana

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Advertising nowadays, at times, feels like a tug of war. Advertisers, on the one hand, are looking for innovative ways to be seen above the noise in the markets while the target market is trying hard to ignore these efforts. The best way to break in the current markets is through signage. Several reports have indicated that signs can boost your brand’s awareness by about 47% and the average purchase quantity by 30%.

These promising statistics are attributed to the flexibility of the products your signage supplier in Manila has. To this end, signs can be adapted to fit your consumers. Moreover, they have a considerable impact when placed at the right time in front of the right consumer. Several elements determine the effect your signs will have on your target market. Illumination is one of the essential ones and allows your sign to remain visible in all weather conditions and day and night. It can also be used to add special effects that will attract the attention of your market to the sign. Here are your alternatives.


Neon lighting results from the excited atoms of inert gas. These will interact and generate different colors according to the way the atoms will be excited and react. Neon lighting gives your signs a traditional and timeless feel. It is also comforting and inviting more so in cold and foggy weather. Neon signs are cost-efficient, and their colors can be customized to reflect your brand colors.

LED Lights

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These allow easy visibility of your signs in the dark and are energy efficient, thus allowing you to display your sign with minimal impact on its energy consumption. The LED lighting offers high-level flexibility and can hence be adjusted periodically to change the sign’s message. This is the most common form of sign lighting nowadays owing to its eco-sustainability, longevity, easy installation, low maintenance, and low cost. It is typically used in poster boxes, single-sided signs, awnings, menu boards, and wall washes.

Light Boxes

These are used to generate eye-catching and vibrant sign displays. Light boxes are highly efficient for communicating important information and presenting dramatic visuals. They allow you to integrate images and text into informational and exciting arrangements. This lighting option is generally used in hospitals, airports, and retail settings.


This is generally used in trade shows and outdoor events for the illumination of booth signs. Since backlighting is an internal lighting alternative, it allows the colors and texts of your sign to stand out and thus maintains a focus on your message and brand. Before picking this as your lighting alternative, ensure you get a high-quality fabric for your sign so that the colors and prints on it do not look muddy when illuminated. The fabric should also allow the filtration of light through it.

In a saturated market, clients tend to get overloaded and cannot absorb all the stimuli around them. The mind thus starts filtering the stimuli it will get and is naturally drawn to the unfamiliar elements. Signs that have been appropriately illuminated using the above methods will genuinely capture and hold people’s attention since they are relatively different.