Visual Advertising Techniques to Persuade Customers

by Zoe Zorka

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As a smart business owner, you do not just open your business and expect customers to buy from you. You have to do what other successful brands have done, advertise. However, using random advertisements might not be effective in encouraging your potential customers to adopt the lifestyle you are selling. On top of employing a trusted signage supplier, here are some visual advertising techniques to help you increase your market share.

The Direct Gaze Induction Technique

Having an image with eyes staring directly at the audience has proven to be a great visual marketing tool. People have been conditioned to believe that people who tend to look directly into their eyes are honest. Some of the most successful brands have used these techniques and helped them build trust and brand loyalty. Staring directly into someone’s eyes implies an expectation of a response. This is not lost when using a still image. You can use a celebrity or someone your target audience can relate to so you can maximize the impact of your ad.


Repetition is an age-old trick that advertisers have been using to keep a brand at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Repetition can be tricky to use especially when using voice, but it works great when using visual advertising such as from a signage supplier. You can achieve your target by either repeating your brands name or your business slogan. While it might be a powerful tool to incorporate in your marketing strategy, it should be noted that moderation is key. Keep in mind that excessive repetition can be counterproductive, hence, one needs to be extra cautious with this technique.

Association Bonds

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Just like repetition, association has been used for ages by marketers. For example, when a potential customer sees people having fun, he or she tends to associate the things people in the ad are endorsing to a general state of happiness. The process is psychological, but it is very strong and has been known to work for ages. To use this technique effectively, you need to understand how to express happiness and a general good mood from one simple picture.


Symbols have been used since time immemorial. Symbolism, like metaphors or similes, can be used to communicate a complex and abstract idea. It helps to vividly communicate a concept in a way that your audience will remember. A symbol will not only assist in conveying a deeper meaning, it can also be used to distinguish between brands. Keep in mind that symbols go beyond your company logo. Color can also be used to symbolize emotions. For example, red is often used to symbolize love while green is used to symbolize health and life.
There are many other techniques to use in visual advertising, such as focal points and the rule of thirds. However, before you jump in, you need to take some time and think about the different techniques you can use for your business. Take time to brainstorm with a marketing guru or the team in charge of advertising in your company. This will save you time and ensure you captivate your audience.