by Zoe Zorka

When your job takes you all over the world, you can find yourself in some pretty awesome places such as the beautiful and historically rich country of Israel. An opportunity that is wonderful if you are the kind of person with an unquenchable wanderlust and the spirit of adventure. Although it can be more challenging for those of us that identify as homebodies or worry about the risks associated with traveling to this area. Of course, no matter what your approach to traveling to Israel is, it's always wise to get as much information beforehand as you can. Something that the post below can help you with. 

Do have the right documents. 

Just like traveling to any other part of the word, to gain entry into the country of Israel, you will need the correct documentation. The good news here is that for UK or US visitors no VISA is required for a business trip. 

In fact, UK and US residents will have up to three months to stay in Israel legally before you have to return home. Something that can be incredibly useful to know if the project you are working on ends up being extended and you need to stay longer than you originally planned. 

Don't forget to keep up to date on the latest news. 

Next, if you are about to travel to Israel on a business trip, it was worth checking out what the latest news from the areas is. This being information that can help you decide how safe the location you will be staying in will be, and whether there are any places, it's best to avoid. 

Happily, you can get the latest news from Israel very quickly online now. Just be sure to pick a source that is as objective and unbiased as possible to get a real feel for the issues that will affect your trip. 

Do make time to see the sights as well as do business. 

All work and no play is never a good idea, and this applies to your trip to Israel too. After all, there are some absolutely amazing sites you will want to visit, including the Dead Sea and the city of Jerusalem. 

It is worth noting, however, that both of these locations fall within the West Bank boundary. A place that has often been associated with fighting and risk to both residents and travelers. Although, the current word on the area is that it is relatively safe for visitors. 

Don't forget that there are some areas to avoid.

While much of Israel and its capital Tel Aviv is safe for walking and biking around as its patrolled by highly trained security forces, there are some areas that it is best for visitors to avoid or be aware of. 
In particular, the risk of a terrorist attack is high at train and bus stations throughout the city of Tel Aviv as well as the entire country. Something that means alternative transport options are well worth investigating before you arrive if you want your business trip to Israel to be as safe and productive as possible.