by Milo Swearingen


The world has become a scary place. Global conflicts are increasing. Trade wars are causing uncertainty and many nations are now run by strongmen. There is no shame in deciding to be prepared for what may come, even if just a few days of disruption.

There are many considerations one may have to plan for beyond stocking up on extra foodstuffs. When thinking ahead for the benefit of our families, we need to consider options such as home preparedness, schooling options for our kids and monetary exchange. These are just a few extra tips to help get you started.


Have your home ready

The last thing one wants is a home not ready when the time comes. Should the world experience a global event in winter, a safe and hospitable residence will be necessary. You might already have plans for heating through a generator but making sure your home insulation is up to par will also help to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Make sure windows and doors shut tight and without gaps.

Another consideration is keeping pipes from freezing in the cold. No one wants to have to clear a frozen drain pipe at such a crucial time. It is both a waste of energy and provisions.

Make sure in preparing your home is that your children are a consideration. They will still need schooling after a global event. Of course, you’ll have materials ready, but the house needs to be in working order as well. Using pipe wrap will be beneficial here as well. A house that is functioning properly and is hospitable, is also conducive to learning.


Be ready to barter

If a government is in disarray, the value of money will be zero. In such times, people will add value to things like supplies and weapons for use in bartering. Precious metals have always held value as well and should be a back up plan for every family. The jewelry you buy today for show might become a life saver on down the road. Click here to help determine between gold or silver. Both can be an excellent option for bartering.


Let’s hope we never need see these tips be used in such a situation. Still, they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, that prevention could mean everything.