by Nigel Hilton

Keeping your home maintained throughout the year is important because the last thing you want is something costly breaking down and having to spend a lot of money to fix it. And with Christmas well and truly upon us, a big expense isn’t great. Winter is a time where damage can be more commonplace so it’s even more crucial to look after your home. Here are a few ways you can do it.


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Clean Out The Gutters And Pipes

With the changing of seasons, a lot of leaves and other debris can clogged up in the pipes and if they’re not cleaned out then it can lead to some serious problems. A useful thing to use are keg sewer nozzles, which are great for attacking a range of soft and solid blockages. Blockages can be caused by the stuff that gets washed down your sinks too so even if you don’t live in a leafy area, your pipes can still get a build up of rubbish from food and other things that end up going down your drains.

Freezing pipes can also be a common problem during the colder months so be sure to insulate your pipes well in particularly cold sections. Leave your heating on, on a low setting if you are going away. If your pipes aren’t looked after properly, they can freeze up and in some cases, burst. With your heating, you can now get appliances that can help regulate your heating so it stays on but doesn’t cost you the earth.

Get Regular Maintenance On Your Heating

Your heating is important, especially during the winter so it’s important to keep your boiler checked regularly. An annual inspection is recommended and as your boiler grows older, it’s good to keep an eye on your radiators to see how fast they heat up. It’s advised to bleed your radiators as there may be trapped air inside of them that’s stopping them from heating up quickly. This will also save your a lot on your bills and energy use.

If you’ve been advised to upgrade or change your boiler, do this as soon as possible even if it’s checked during the summer. As we approach the colder months, it might take longer and be more costly as the demand will be greater.

Check The Windows And Doors For Draft

Draft entry points can leak the heat in your home and that means you’ll be cranking up the heating to compensate for this. Checking your windows and doors for any signs of draught is great to do every so often. You can buy draft excluders for the doors to stop the heat escaping and hanging thick curtains or thermal proof blinds for the windows to keep out the cold.

If your windows or doors aren’t well insulated, you might want to consider replacing them. Double or triple glazed windows are great to defend your home against the weather. You can also use window and door sealants which are just as effective and a cheaper solution to replacing windows and doors.

Sort Out Any Damp Immediately

Damp can really have an impact on the structure of your home, so it’s important to look out for signs of damp and fix it as soon as you spot it. Keeping your home ventilated will avoid any damp from forming and always make sure you have the fan going in the bathroom when taking hot baths or showers. Leave the door open afterwards so condensation doesn’t form. Painting over damp won’t solve the problem so to fix it, use a dehumidifier to draw out the moisture in air and then use a mold removing treatment.

Replace Batteries and Bulbs

The winter is a great time to replace any batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms. You also want to replace any bulbs that have blown and been sitting dormant during the summer. After all, you don’t want to be living in the dark during the darkest time of the year. Don’t forget the outdoor lighting too, especially any security lights you have that come on when approaching the property.

Check Your Insurance

Home insurance is vital to have because when things go wrong in situations you can’t control, you want know you’re protected financially. Check with your insurers to make sure everything is protected during the winter. If not then you might want to think about extra cover or switching to another insurance provider if your current one can’t offer what you need for your home.

The unexpected tends to happen and when you’re a homeowner, you don’t have the luxury of relying on your landlord, so make sure your insurance is sorted.

Get The Roof And Chimney Checked

The roof is a very important part of your property because it keeps your protected from the elements. Every so often, it’s good to have a roof and chimney inspection because it’s not exactly something that’s easily accessible without the right equipment. An inspection will look for any damage, broken tiles or entry points where water can get in, as well as any animals. The last thing you want is an infestation!

A chimney inspection is very important if you have a functioning fireplace because debris trapped in a chimney is likely to cause a fire if ignored. You also want to make sure that its fully functional, so that when you don’t use the fireplace, it’s not causing any drafts.

Boost Your Insulation

Insulation is important for keeping your home eco-friendly so where possible, try and add more insulation to the walls and insulate the roof as this is the biggest area that can leak heat. There are plenty of materials that you can use to insulate the property to suit everyone’s budget, so do a bit of research to find one that’s right for you.

Maintaining your home should be something that you do all your round and not just over the summer, so be sure to have a checklist you follow when accessing your property.