by Nigel Hilton


Life. It isn’t easy, but the Internet has given us plenty of ways to share life hacks that work. Looking up new ways to do things has never been easier. One can save money, find cold remedies, fix home issues themselves and help figure out what is potentially causing an a pipe to leak. There are even relationship tips.

Just to show the power of hacking your life, here are three disparate circumstances and some great hacks for them.


Running a Business

Outsourcing is huge hack. Look online for tips on services that can be utilized to make life easier for everyone. Paper shredding, bookkeeping and computer network maintenance can all be valuable services that keep you and your people focused on your big picture and not the little things.

Motivating employees is key to your success. Little hacks can keep your office humming with satisfied people. Some online hacks mention healthy snacks, lunches out and fun activities that can keep your people loving their jobs. An employee of the month and of the year can highlight that the company respects talent. You might even have to buy gold bars online today just to reward the major talent you’ve facilitated. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme. Buy silver bullion and save yourself some money.


Running a Home

Online life hacks show everything from how to make extra cash to additional cold treatments. Some of the most popular are new ways to clean up messes.

Cooking in new ways and new recipes are fabulous life hacks that can enhance life and entertaining. Speaking of entertaining; the Internet is filled with crafts site that show how to make great decorations or even cool glass wear from old bottles. Pinterest is an amazing source for decorative ideas you’ve nver before thought of.


Money Hacks

Few things can be more confusing than what to do with your money. Life hacks on money include ways to find savings. Coupon sites and sites that will tell you everything from where to get the cheapest gas or best deals on entertainment, can save you considerable amounts. There are even hacks for getting free magazine subscriptions or product trials.

Investing is probably an area most don’t think can be hacked. Believe it or not there are even simple ways to find good stocks, mutual fund assistance and savings account guidance.

Hacks can also make you money. Online hacks can show words to target in your resume, simple ways to make yourself stand out to your boss at work and how to improve your productivity. You can even take all that extra money and buy silver bars today.

Whenever you start something new or find yourself perplexed. Search out life hacks online and you won’t be disappointed.