by Nigel Hilton




Your website is the window to your business, it is the place where people go to see who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer them. It is therefore important that you make your website as clear, clean and simple as possible. However, sometimes even when you do go to all that effort, people don’t visit. But don’t worry, there are some ways to fix that…

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social channels in the world, and because of this it can be the perfect opportunity to gain some followers for your brand and traffic for your website. There is a feature on facebook which allows you to remarket yourself to people who have previously visited your website. By installing a facebook tracking pixel onto your website, you will be able to show promotions on facebook to those who have visited your website. You may have noticed it happening to you before if you’ve been on the internet and looked at clothes, then went onto facebook and those products have shown up on your news feed.

2. Facebook email

Facebook isn’t only good for promoting your website on the news feed, you can also use Facebook as a way of boosting your newsletters. For example, you can upload your list to Facebook, and their social accounts will show up on accounts which have the matching email addresses. This allows you to target these customers from a different angle and get the onto your website.

3. Twitter remarketing


Twitter remarketing is pretty much the same as facebook remarketing, and with twitter being the other most popular social media network, you may want to utilise this too. The only difference with doing this on twitter is that they have stricter regulations and you will need at least 500 audience members before you can use the tracking pixel. You can learn more about the tracking pixel here:

4. Twitter email


In the same way as facebook, you can upload your email list to twitter and get back a list of the social accounts which match the email addresses. This will allow you to target these users through twitter as well as facebook.

5. Twitter Cards


Twitter Cards is a tool which creates richer tweets and is more likely to make people click on to see what’s inside. Rather than a standard tweet, you can add images and buttons into the tweet to attract people’s attention and get them to click through to your website.

6. Advertise


When you create a search ad, and advert on social media or one on the paper- 80% of the success of the advert is due to the title you choose. You need to find a balance between a snappy, attention grabbing title and it being seen as spammy. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two, but you need to make sure that your tone of voice is true to you, and the title evokes a reaction from your audience.

7. Build an email list


Email marketing is a classic way to keep your customers loyal and to draw them into your website. By creating monthly newsletters with updates and promotions, you are keeping yourself in the forefront of the customer’s minds. You can also use things like their birthday to send them special promo codes, and you will be able to see if they have items in their basket and push them to buy with a discount code.

8. Blog

Blogging is a way to create rich content for your audience and pull in a huge range of people. If you can post an article a couple of times a week, you will likely get double the website views to if you never posted anything at all. Make sure that you take time creating useful content which people will want to read.  

9. Promote your blog

Blogging doesn’t end when you press publish, you still have a lot of work to do to make sure that it is seen by the right people and that people click through and read it. To do this you will want to use your social media channels to promote the content to your existing and potential audience.

10. Optimize your site for SEO


Using professionals like to drive more people to your website is the smart way to go about things, particularly when it involves something like SEO. SEO is complex and has many different layers, and if you want to optimise your website to be seen by more people, you will likely need an expert touch.