by Lina Martinez



The MacBook is seen by many as the number one device for those who are serious about how they use their computer. Loyal fans of Apple and its products will swear by the fact that once you go Mac, you never go back. However, those more familiar and comfortable with Windows or other operating systems will decry the MacBook as an overly priced fashion accessory, not some groundbreaking technological accomplishment.

Whatever your feelings about the usefulness of the MacBook, it is almost impossible to change any serious Mac owners’ mind. And the most you can hope for is to ensure that if they’re going to own such an expensive piece of hardware, they better take full advantage of its features. Otherwise, what’s the point?


One of the most useful features on your Mac is the ability to sync with whatever other Apple devices you have. And now, with updates to the OS, there are even more ways to make sure you are never without any important information.

The recent software update has brought about the ability to sync desktops on multiple Macs. This is particularly handy if you have one for work and one for your personal use. By having the ability to sync with the iCloud, you essentially have two desktops at your disposal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Or, get the good gadgets and apps. Programs such as AppCleaner, among others are exclusive to the MacBook, and it would be unreasonable not to take full advantage of these handy little programs.

Furthermore, new applications are being developed for the Mac every day. Some of which being created to make your life all that much easier. An example of this is the wifi analyzer which allows you to diagnose and solve problems with minimal effort and no professional knowledge required. For those who work from home, this can be a life and time saver when your wifi connection unexpectedly (but always inevitably) goes down during a crucial time.


We’ve all been there, too hard at work, not looking at our phone in who knows how long. It happens, time can easily run away from you when you’re completely focused on a task. The problem with this is that it is all too easy to miss an important phone call or message, and potentially miss out on seeing friends and family or going on an adventure.

One of the neat features on your Mac is the ability to both make and receive calls. While it is run through the iPhone (presuming you also have an iPhone), it still allows you to answer any phone calls on your MacBook. The signal is transferred through devices, giving you absolutely zero reason to ever miss or ignore a phone call ever again (sorry about that).


While in the real world it is (mostly) advised to not take shortcuts and earn your way, when it comes to computers and gadgets people seem to believe the complete opposite, after all, who has the time?

With your Mac, you can make shortcuts for anything. Instead of clicking and searching and typing around searching for something, using the Application Shortcuts option will give you the opportunity to create keyboard shortcuts for whatever you desire.

This feature is of particular use if you are frequently jumping between or needing to launch new programs. You will be able to save a great deal of time by using a keyboard shortcut than going through your files to find the desired program. The only problem will be remembering them all.


In these times of needing to be ready at a moment’s notice it can be frustrating to have to wait around for your computer to load up before you even think about opening a program. For people who follow the same routine every day, such as working from home, you will know what type of programs you are going to need each day, every day.

To save any waiting around, desired programs can be set to launch upon startup by accessing System Preferences and selecting Login Items. From there, you can choose which important programs - such as iTunes or Notes - you want ready for you on startup. However, it can slow down your computer if too many are selected, so choose which programs are vital, and which you can launch by yourself.

If you have purchased a MacBook and are still not sure whether you believe the hype, going on a voyage through some of its less obvious but infinitely helpful features might just change your mind. While the MacBook certainly isn’t for everybody, it can still do a job for most consumers, but making the most out of it is all up to you