Smartphones are most definitely here to stay, and in a big way. The data surrounding smartphone interaction shows that, as a society, we’re pretty keen on making sure they’re an integral part of our lives. And they’re for more than sending tweets and watching cat videos: small businesses can ride the wave of smartphone use and boost their earnings in the process.


Boosting Your Social Media

You’re carrying your phone around with you wherever you go, so why not add a touch of the personal to your business social media profiles and take snaps as you’re out and about? Platforms such as Instagram don’t have to be as heavily curated as your Facebook page, so you should feel free to add photos that people will like even if it’s not obviously to do with your business. Heavy snowfalls and the sunset view from your business will always be popular. On Twitter, you’ll be able to respond to tweets from customers and also send your own tweets during peak usage hours, which are typically after most businesses have closed.

Adding Convenience For Customers

If you’re not making the most of smartphone technology to add convenience for your customers, then what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to cash, coins, and checks: you can now use your smartphone to take credit card payments on the move, with Intuit Gopayment reviews detailing that they’re a cost effective way to add a smart, modern payment method to your business. That’s on your side of the business; on the customer side, you should be ensuring your business website is mobile friendly. Most people these days are browsing the internet through their personal devices - and they won’t stick around long if yours is only fit for desktop computers.

Apps, Offers, and QR Codes

If you want to work your way into your customer’s smartphones, then you should be making it as easy as possible for them to use their smartphone to do business with you. A smartphone app is easier to create than you might think, and offers plenty of scope for you to personalise your customer’s experience - and make sure you’re never too far from their swiping fingers. If you’re not quite ready for a full blown app, then create QR codes (which can be scanned and redirect the user to a webpage of your choosing) and have special offers waiting at the other end.

SMS Marketing

Most businesses think that users aren’t receptive to SMS marketing, but that’s not the case, and they can be very effective so long as they’re not abused - limit it to one or two a month, and keep tabs on the response. You’re interrupting a potential customer’s day in an overly personal way, so only use SMS marketing if you have something to say that’s worthy of the interruption. For example, if you’re having a flash sale that you legitimately believe people will be interested in, send away! If you’re tempted to send an SMS with the content of your regular old tweet promotions, steer clear. Done properly, customers will engage.