You most likely already have your marketing strategies in place and can see that they’re yielding some results. However, like with most things in life, you can always do more. And if you’re a small business owner, then you really need to be doing more, because it’s unlikely that people will be able to find you if you’re not doing all you can to ensure they know that you’re there. Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways you can go the extra mile and get even more people to your website or business.



Content for Life

You most likely already have a blog on your website. If you don’t, then you should look into it, because websites that blog multiple times a month receive as many as four times as many visitors as those who don’t. Yet while blogging is good, most of that type of content is topical: it’ll be obsolete in a few weeks or less. As such, you also need to ensure that your website has content that is evergreen; as in, content that will be as relevant in 5 years as it is today. For example, if you owned a website that sold used cars, you can have a piece entitled ‘how to properly look after a used car’.

Connect with Others

You are just but one voice trying to get people to visit your website. What if you could recruit others to also send people your way? Backlinks in particularly are a fantastic way to improve your search engine ranking and reach new potential customers: take a read of for an in depth guide on how to properly build backlinks. Similarly, you should be placing outbound links on your own site. It may sound counterintuitive (what if people leave your site?), but it’ll improve the quality and trustworthiness of your site.

Manage Your Business Pages

If your business is on pages such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, or Google Business (and it should be), then it’s important that you properly manage the content that's on there. There should be as much information as possible, including opening hours, contact information, and so on. If you’re in the hospitality business, then it’s imperative that you encourage reviews on Tripadvisor and the like. Nothing hurts a business more unnecessarily than a business listing that is devoid of all information: photos, a blurb about who you are, and customer feedback is all crucial.

Stepping Up Your Social Media Game

It’s all too easy to get into the rhythm of churning out the same old type of social media posts. If you’ve been running your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages on autopilot, now’s the time to really step up your game and solidify your follower numbers. Post interesting content, share from sites with a similar business ethos as yours, and cement your position as an industry leader. This is also a great space to post links to your pages. Your posts should be a mix of promotional content and content that’s relevant to your followers.