by Sharon Jones

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Mobile app development has been crucial to businesses for both reaching customers and streamlining processes. However, apps are not just for the business world, as community and social groups are also seeing benefits from this technology, and so too are charities. Whether you are a small local charity, or part of a wider international non-profit, an app could help you in numerous ways, including engaging a wider audience and raising much-needed funds. However, moving into the world of mobile apps needs to be approached carefully and with planning, just as you would any other aspect of your work. 

When you work for a good cause, whether it is a charity or a non-profit, the focus of your work is to put as much time, effort and money into helping those you were set up to help as possible. This can mean trying to do as much as you can without outside help and support, or by using goodwill and volunteers. This works well for many aspects of your work. But, when it comes to something as technical and complex as mobile app development, it is important to hire an expert in this field. 

There are several stages to the development of an app, and a mistake at any stage could leave you with an app that is not accepted onto the marketplace, or that does not engage your intended audience. App development, of course, starts with the design and creation of the app itself. However, you also need to go through a complex process to get the app listed on a marketplace, and then you need to ensure that your app is found in searches of the different app stores and you need to engage managed IT services for security purposes especially. 

This involves having a good understanding of SEO, search engine algorithms, and your customers’ search habits. A good mobile app development company can aid you at every stage of this process. They will ensure that you get your app listed the first time, and that it is easily found. 

Now you have a clearer understanding of why you need to use one of the top mobile app developers, you need to know what to look for when choosing your app development expert. Firstly, you need to choose a company that has the technical expertise needed to design, create and market your app effectively. This also involves them being able to monitor and analyse the progress of your app once it is live. You also need a company that has experience of working with charities in general, and ideally with charities of your size and direction specifically. This will help them to understand your work, your audience and what you need from your app.

This brings us to communication. Creating an app with an expert is not a one-way activity. The development company you choose should want to hear from you, and should value your ideas and input. Communication needs to start before you hire the mobile app developers that you are considering. It is important to choose a company that is easy to contact, willing to answer questions, and can provide references. Check out reviews on their site, ask for recommendations, and follow up on testimonials from previous clients.