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Are you trying to find the best software for screen recording? Do you know what you should look for in the software to begin with?

To put it simply if you want to pick a screen recorder that is a good fit, you need to decide what you really want in the software first. To that end there are several areas that you should consider:

  • Screen recording and audio capture functions

Some screen recording software are very basic, and provide a limited set of recording functions. Others are far more potent, and will let you select the capture area, set the frame rate, choose the audio sources, adjust the volume levels, and more.

  • Webcam recording and overlay features

If you want to record webcam video and overlay it in a small frame on top of the footage from your screen, the software you choose needs to have those features. Additionally you may want to look at the overlay settings that are available, and whether or not you can control the size, position, and appearance of the overlay.

  • Video editing tools

Some screen recording software have no editing tools, while others have built-in editors of their own. It is up to you to decide what you need, but at very least having some tools to trim and crop videos may come in handy – though you may prefer using some other editing software.

  • Keyboard and mouse capture features

If you are recording video guides and tutorials you may want to look for features that allow you to record keyboard and mouse actions. That can include features that display keystrokes onscreen, or help you adjust the cursor size and color.

  • Automated recording tools

In some cases being able to automate the recording may be useful – especially for longer videos. The most common automated recording tools are a timer that will stop recording after a fixed duration, or a schedule feature that will let you set both the time to start and time to stop recording.

  • Video output formats

Last but not least you should check the output formats that the software lets you save the videos you record in. As you can imagine the more formats that you can choose from the better, but at a minimum you should look for some of the more commonly-used formats such as MP4 (H.264) and MP4 (H.265).

After you narrow down your options, you may want to try and learn how to record screen on Mac with audio using the various software. That will allow you to check how user-friendly it is, and make sure that it has all the features that you really require.

All said and done you should find it a whole lot easier to find the best software for screen recording if you carefully consider each of the areas listed above. It may take a bit of time to go over your options regardless, but you can rest easy knowing you’re looking at it from all angles.