Feel relax with the shoulders back, no more self-chatting questions polluting your mind. Being Zen is an art practised a long, long time ago and you are about to discover the ABC and essential rules to master this ancient practice of meditation.

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that comes from China during the Tang dynasty as the Chan Buddhism. It was influenced by Taoism and further developed as a very indistinct school of Chinese Buddhism. Zen also referred to as the Chan Buddhism, spread in different places. South to Vietnam, Northeast to Korea and finally East to Japan, where it was referred to as Seon Buddhism and Japanese Zen respectively.

Zen focuses on several aspects of the individual. It attempts to help an individual in self-control, in the practice of meditation and the implementation of Buddha’s insight, also known as spiritual enlightenment. Zen is a common practice but in parallel, it requires personal investment and dedication to become one with yourself.

Life’s quick nowadays. Everything: Life, work and entertainments. It happens that you can become a mere spectator of your life rather than indulging in every hour, minute and seconds of your life. Life is a fast-paced world for some and a peaceful and relaxing trip for others. Jump into a zen-like lifestyle for gazillions of benefits. Ready?

Being Zen englobes a wide range of things. Live in simplicity, being more mindful in every task, staying in total peace and calm.  If you aspire to have a more Zen-like way of life, these simple guidelines might open doors into a new realm of zenitude.

  1. Live In The Now: When you are doing anything, just do one thing at a time, That’s key! Avoid multitasking, just concentrate on doing one single task. When you are eating an apple, just eat your apple. When you are reading a book, just read. Concentrate fully on that one thing you are doing.

  2. Take your time: Don’t rush into things. Go at a slow pace, rushing would lead you into a zenitude. Instead, be aware of every single action and do it deliberately.

  3. Finish what you’ve started first: Before hopping from another task, it is important that you complete your task.  For instance, if you’ve cooked food, become savoring your dish clean first then you’ll get to focus entirely on the next task. Create order around your being.

  4. Doing less is more fulfilling: Wake up early and do your work. No need to have a long to-do list that will keep you away from being mindful.

  5. Have a routine and daily rituals: Zen adepts usually have rituals for everything that they do. Whether it is cleaning, meditating or eating, rituals are omnipresent. Rituals are ways to add a sense of importance to whatever task you’re performing. No need to copy and paste the rituals of others, just create your own. It’s that simple. From the time you wake till bedtime, engage in your routines fully and consciously.

  6. Meditation time: Devote some of your daytime for meditation. It is one of the essential parts of the Zen-like lifestyle. Each day you must dedicate a time where you will focus wholly on sitting down. Meditation helps in living and being in the present moment. Today is a gift and it’s called the present. You can meditate while doing various activities as long as you practice being in the present.

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