by Cassandra Worthy

“Confidence” ability to trust yourself to get things done.

Self-confidence is an evaluation of your personality according to your expectations about performance. And if you have met this criterion, it brings more happiness and makes you more confident about abilities and capabilities. Usually, a person having self-confidence like himself and willing to take a risk in personal and professional life to achieve goals or to meet aims. Confident peoples are future optimistic and always think positively as they don’t have a fear of failure in their head. Failure becomes a challenge for them, and they keep themselves motivate towards the work to achieve all targets.

Self-confidence has more impact on self-esteem and self-efficacy as one is present-focused while another one is forward-looking belief. Self-efficacy is a belief in own capabilities that one can handle all future situations and matters while self-esteem is an idea about own worthiness for cases going on and optimism about the situation going on. Both aspects are essential for every personality and different people have varying level of confidence.

Some people are born with genetically positive attitude and they are kind, ready to help others and give positive suggestion to others, this kind of approach keeps a person loving, healthy and charming. They also have a foundation of security and faith in themselves that they can achieve all goals. Many people are also not much confident. They usually stay quiet and don’t participate in activities. They stay away from things and not trust others; this keeps them away from society.

People who are not self-confident needs to cope up and have to involve themselves in activities. It can be nurtured or learned by doing different practices. Here you go with some actions through which one can boost self-confidence and perform well for future goals and challenges.

Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient is the critical factor of personality which says everything to others from your attitude and actions. It gives impact about what you feel, thinks and wants to do. It also defines one's abilities and skills. A person who is not much confident, have to do control on emotions first to give a good impact on others. Also, he has to manage their feelings according to the people in surroundings as it will help to maintain relationships efficiently.

Love Failure

Failure a key to success and everyone have to accept it as a challenge. People who are less confident and faced some failure come up with the worst outcome which leads to split personality. Failure will never overtake anyone if their belief is strong enough to get success in future. It is an important fact for success and creates courage to try again. Change the perception of failure and be a teacher of yourself. It will create a sense of learning and make you more motivated towards future goals. Never define yourself with failure as once you overcome, it speaks to your success.

Affirm Yourself

Affirmation opens the door to success and the initial path to get change. It is a powerful tool which creates beliefs to be yourself. People with low confidence not believe in themselves and scared of people. They never participate or show their success. Always keep yourself motivated and believe in your work. Listen to yourself if you want to be confident and achieve future goals. They usually tend to do what other said and work on it while everyone has to listen itself that what you have, what you want to do and why you want to do. It will make concepts clear make you more confident about every task you have.

Critic Questions 

Criticism makes you strong and more confident as it gives a lesson and potential to work hard. A person has to be ready every time for the negative and positive comments and keep themselves motivated about their goals. Take all comments as power; this is the only thing which you get from people to enhance your self-confidence rest is up to you. Do critic questions from yourself too. The inner critic is the best way to help yourself, it makes you strong and makes you able to get negative critics from others. Also, if you are doing somewhere good then praise yourself for that and tell yourself that this success is because of you.

Help Others

By helping others, you will feel competent, passionate and motivated. It gives a sense of care for others and makes you high on energy. Also try to improve confidence if others by volunteering, teaching, mentoring, etc. It helps you more to build confidence level and give a feel of betterment. Be generous to others by giving something willingly and happily without expecting anything in return. Be positive while making comments and learn to say no to other things which you can’t do. If you see someone lacking somewhere, try to help them this give a feeling of confidence and makes you confident for your hard times.

Eye contact

Always talk with the eye contact as it will enhance your communication skill and confidence level. It’s a skill which everyone doesn’t have, but it can develop with the practice and interaction to others. Eye contact tells you the importance of the person you are talking and also make someone more confident, attractive, competent and trustworthy. It also helps to draw the attention to others to yourself and give a substantial impact on your brief which you are providing and makes you confident about your talk. Also, give a gentle smile while talking to the people it creates affection and good impact on personality.


People with low confidence see others better and more deserving of them due to which they get reserve and quit from doing interaction. Try to avoid such acts as negativity comes after positivism. Be positive with your work and keep yourself motivated to enhance confidence level of others. Accept challenges and take critics as a lesson. Always try to find out what you want to do and take decision for yourself. Never go with others decision, try to be you. Take people with the confidence to justify your belief and make significant and long-term goals and strive to achieve them.

Author Bio:- Cassandra Worthy is a female motivational speaker, business trainer, and a passionate blogger!