By Harrish Sairaman

Self-confidence is a huge help in attaining success. In fact, Self Confidence can be the fuel that pumps an optimistic outlook, high energy, and passion. It can no longer be looked as a resource for a selected few but is mandatory for the ones who want to live their dreams! Having a high level of confidence can make you feel comfortable with yourself. It also helps you deal with various social situations. It pushes you to attain your goals, no matter how hard they are.

The beauty is when our self-confidence is high ‘big problems look small’ and when it’s not ‘small problem look BIG!!!’. We all know problems are inevitable and hence to keep progressing one of the key ways is to keep pumping our Self Confidence.

The good news is that even if you lack confidence right now, you can still hone it. All it takes is to follow a few daily exercises, like the following:

1. Write in a ‘compliments journal’

If you constantly underestimate yourself, then doing a daily exercise, which will uplift the way you view yourself can help.
What we think about self is a reflection of our ‘self Image’ and this needs to shift for the Self Confidence to boost!!!
This is something that a compliments journal can do. Each time you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror. Bombard yourself with powerful self-image boosting statements looking into your eyes.
Get a pen and your compliment journal then writes down three positive things about yourself. It could be anything about yourself or even anything that you did well the previous day!!!!

Recite these positive statements if you want aloud while still watching yourself in the mirror, then congratulate yourself. Consider making this as your first activity every morning. This lets you start your day with positivity, self-respect, and self-love. It also lets you create a better mental picture of your own value.

No matter how this exercise looks and sounds, it’s a time-tested powerful one, try it out!!!!

2. Groom yourself – Outer – In Approach

Looking good physically and as a part of your appearance is a key to boosting your confidence and self-image, and you can achieve that every day with proper grooming, personal hygiene, and appropriate styling. Spend a few minutes each day making yourself look good. You should feel happy each time you look at yourself in the mirror.
This looks like a basic information but trust me, some people may not even take care of this.
It’s not jutting how you are dressed and appear when you go out/in public but also when you are at home!!!! Dress and appear great for yourself and yourself only first and then for others!!!!!
Properly grooming and styling yourself can also make you feel good, which is the key to building your confidence. You can also gain others’ appreciation and most importantly what you think, feel and say about yourself!!!!!

3. Visualize

You can also use your creativity and imagination to raise your confidence level every day. Have some solid mental practices – ex. visualizing yourself accomplishing a tough workout or earning the project you’ve always wanted. What’s good about visualization is that it can make you feel more self-assured while also preparing yourself for a successful outcome.
Set a more detailed vision of your desired success, as doing so can further increase your confidence level. Include a positive affirmation in your visualization sessions. Do this every day in front of a mirror – preferably before sleeping at night. This is the key to telling yourself what you’ll achieve in the future.
It has been scientifically proven that when we visualize strongly the brain finds it difficult to distinguish between reality and imagination and perceives it to be real! We are not just saying ‘fake it till you make it’ but do it with awareness of how your mind works and use it to build a great behavior, self-esteem, and confidence.

4. Exercise

Aside from being good for your health and body, doing regular exercises is also an excellent confidence booster. It’s good for your brain and mood, so expect to feel good every day if you exercise regularly. Your regular exercises are also the key to building a fitter and slimmer body. Knowing that you are physically fit can make you feel good about your own body, which can also translate to a higher level of confidence.

Exercise can only and only be an investment for the body and the mind, most of the forms if not all. If you say ‘I don’t have time’ you are saying “I don’t have time to feel good, look good, feel light, feel strong and live long!’. What are we refusing??? if we refuse now we might reach a time when it’s not possible to reverse!!! Now or never!!!!!

We are not suggesting to get into body building with a 22-inch biceps and pump in steroids and eat like an animal of infinite appetite!!! We are suggesting yoga, stretches, aerobics, brisk walking, martial arts, fitness based exercises or even learning and doing Surya namaskar for at least 20 minutes a day!!!! Trust me, the rewards are quantum and worth the time!!!!!!!!
Again, now or never!!!! Reasons for not doing can cause irreversible damage!!!

5. Follow a good physical and mental diet

If you want to feel more confident, then pair your exercise with a healthy diet. We are what we eat and think! Imagine, what we eat becomes a part of US, after processing and hence it’s important to take care of it. Stay away from processed foods and eat healthy fruits and veggies every day. Junk might be tasty but imagine, tongue vs. body!!! Once a habit, tongue, and body both will be in sync for building great health. Drink lots of water, smoothies, and fresh juices, instead of caffeinated and sugary beverages. Supplying your body with proper nutrients can increase your energy and naturally make you feel a lot better, which is helpful in building confidence.

Aside from your physical diet, it’s also important to improve your mental diet. This is possible by reading uplifting books, attending inspiring workshops and listening to motivational CDs and audio files. Keep in mind that what you set your mind to focus on expands. It’s what becomes real. So the key is to focus on those that you want to create and make you happy.
We do spend money on eating out and sometimes the outcome is also bloating, acidity and eventually what happens – crap in the morning!!!! We are not objecting to it, but we can invest in buying powerful audios, videos, attending workshops to improve etc!!!!

Avoid negativity, complainers and whiners. Don’t feed yourself with the too much negative news. Fill your mind with more positive thoughts from various sources, and you will instantly notice a significant improvement in your confidence.

Make a choice, and make it now as every choice has a consequence!!!!!!!!