By Harrish Sairaman

Sexual strength can be an issue for many people at different points in their life. Some sexual issues can be resolved on their own, while others may require further professional help. One way to effectively treat a lot of sexual problems is through hypnosis.

Lacking sexual strength basically hinders a person or a couple from being able to enjoy sexual intercourse. They may even experience difficulty during sex. NHS reports that in every ten men, one experiences a form of sexual problem. The occurrence for women is at a whopping 50% incidence rate. These challenges can take place early on in life, even after having a previously healthy and satisfying sex life.

Common problems include sexual dysfunction, performance anxiety, and premature ejaculation in men. The most common one for women is vaginismus. Both genders may also go through the loss of libido. Both physiologic and psychological factors need to be considered when finding the root of the problem. You need to consult your general physician in order to rule out any physical factors that might be causing the difficulty.

If none comes up, then it can be smart to proceed with hypnosis.

Identifying the Cause of the Problem

Often, stress or other triggers (fear and anxiety, for example) can be the underlying psychological causes that lead to sexual problems. Hypnosis can help people with these issues by reducing and modifying negative thoughts and behaviors.

There are many possible causes for this kind of problem, such as having worries and stressors. You may be stressed from school or work, or you may be going through a personal and emotional problem. Often, such factors aren’t recognized right away, making it difficult to diagnose. Hypnosis will give you a clearer understanding of what it is that is causing your issues and how to best manage it.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Sexual Strength

The aim of hypnosis for these situations is to get access to your subconscious. This will allow you to modify whichever behaviors and thought patterns that are causing your difficulties. The hypnotherapist will also use the power of suggestion to promote relaxation, increase your confidence, and promote positivity in your life. By customizing his suggestions as he sees fit for your personality and situation, he can assist you in learning about the triggers that aggravate your issues.

Hypnosis will also aid you in finding out how to manage the problem by lowering stress levels, reducing anxiety, and rebuilding a satisfactory and enjoyable sex life.
Hypnosis can assist you as you attempt to eliminate mental pressures that are associated with sex. Through the proper techniques, you will be empowered to “trust” your own body and get rid of the negative voices inside you. In the end, the aim is to reclaim a healthier, more positive and controlled mind.

Each session of hypnosis varies on a person to person basis. Your own experiences and unique symptoms will determine the direction of the hypnotherapy session. For example, having gone through traumatic events, abusive or negative sexual experiences are all taken into consideration as hypnosis guides you on your personal journey. Hypnosis aims to help you learn how to leave the stresses in the past, get out of the negative cycle, and move on towards better experiences.

If you are having problems with your sexual strength or any issues revolving around sexual intercourse, it can be helpful to consult a professional and seek hypnosis as a form of treatment and rehabilitation.