Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

By Olivia Byrd

Have you ever wondered why the date for Easter isn't fixed? This year, Easter falls on April 1st, but in the past it's been celebrated on many different dates in March and April. The truth is, the date Easter is celebrated isn't as random as it may appear.

There were many factors that the early Christians considered when they initiated the holiday. For starters, they meant for Easter to be held around the same time as the Jewish celebration of Passover. To make it even more complicated, Western Christians and Eastern Orthodox Christians use different calendars, and the two groups didn't always agree on a shared day. After much debate, the early Christians decided, at the Council of Nicaea, to celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

Easter has been celebrated through different traditions over the centuries depending on the part of the world. In Greece and Eastern Europe Christians snack on special cakes called tsoureki as part of the fun. Dying eggs bright colors is a tradition that is especially strong in North America. In the United States and Great Britain, children search for chocolate eggs left by the Easter Bunny, a symbol that can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon fertility rituals where the rabbit, or hare, is associated with birth, Spring and renewal.

No matter when day Easter is held, Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis is a great place to celebrate the resurrection of the savior. Mighty Fortress is a spiritual community that relates the teachings of Jesus to modern life, and those who worship there find joy and comfort every Easter as they feel the presence of God through prayer and interaction with each other and overseer Bishop Thomas Williams. Mighty Fortress is all about dignity and respect of others, and all those who are open to the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ are welcome there.

What makes Mighty Fortress unique among faith communities is its emphasis on the practical lessons that the Bible teaches. This is a church with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that promotes acceptance, inclusion and love for humanity. The Word of God has helped change the lives of thousands of Mighty Fortress believers for the better, and Bishop Williams expects to help thousands more find peace, solace and prosperity through the his ministry and the Bible.

Another aspect of Mighty Fortress that makes it stand out is its incredibly talented band and choir; participants at Mighty Fortress receive a spiritual boost and inspiration from their sounds. Bishop Williams encourages believers to come as they are to worship services and to feel the love and power of this mighty spiritual community.