By Sharon Jones

There are certain athletes that play sports like Gods, and we mentioned a few in the title. Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Michael Jordan. But there’s also Mike Tyson, Michael Schumacher and Tom Brady. These athletes elevate their sports to a whole new level. Watching Michael Jordan play basketball was like seeing a man fly or as someone else described it, poetry in motion. You’re not alone if you’ve wondered what separates these individuals from the rest. And if you’ve ever asked whether you could join your heroes in the hall of fame. Well, we’ve got a few tips if you want to improve your game, no matter what sports you play.

Take Some Lessons

You might think that you have enough experience on the field that you don’t need lessons. But it never hurts to get that extra knowledge and have someone with even more experience guiding you forward. You’d be amazed by the impact of getting trained by a real pro. They can teach you the secrets to jumping high enough to get that slam dunk. Hint, it’s all about how you balance your weight when you make that final spring. We can tell you that, but only a basketball pro will be able to show you how it’s done in a real game. You can practice all you like, but unless you have someone to show you what steps to take, you’re never going to reach that hoop.

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Use The Tech

It seems silly not to take advantage of the massive amount of tech that is now on the market, designed to help people improve their athletic ability. For instance, if you really want to swing like Tiger Woods, you should be thinking about practising whenever you can. You probably don’t always have the time to head down to the golf course. But what if you could practice in the comfort of your own home? Well, you can with the Optishot 2. This cool virtual software lets you focus your aim, so next time you go to the course, you get that hole in one.

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Eat Right

You might not realize this, but professional athletes are on seriously strict diets. It’s very rare to see a pro athlete chomping on a cheeseburger or heading to Maccy Ds. Instead, they are eating a diet prescribed by health experts to maximize their energy and ensure the optimum performance. For instance, Soccer star, David Beckham is known for eating a diet with meat like fish and chicken for protein. Any fat in his diet is from healthy options like yogurt, and that gives you a taste of what it means to eat like a pro.

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You wouldn’t believe how many athletes believe in the concept of mind over matter and think that this is the secret behind their success. Who are we to tell them otherwise. Michael Jordan can jump 48 inches off the ground and has been recorded jumping higher than the hoop! We definitely think that something like this takes at least a little belief in your own power.