By Haris Q

The fierce rivalry between the physical brick and mortar casinos and online casinos began since the inception of online gambling itself. There are plenty of reasons for that. The online gambling industry has proliferated drastically, especially in Australia during the past decade. There have been tall claims made by big time casino owners to ban the online gambling arena due to the growing number of people choosing online gambling over brick and mortar casinos. One of these claims has been the majorly unpopular security concern. The online gambling industry is made to look insecure, unsafe and unreliable. While that may be the case for many of the illegitimate online gambling companies around today, there are plenty of online casinos that offer utmost transparency and reliability, evident by the huge traffic of users they receive on a daily basis.

Michael Sullivan’s Bluebet is as safe as an online casino can possibly get

It is completely natural for people participating in online gambling (especially for the first time) to question the safety of the online betting website. According to experts in the sport of online betting, there are quite a few ways you can make sure that the website of interest is completely safe to use. Most renowned online betting websites have their assets declared. Based in Australia, Bluebet is a bookmaking operation from Randwick that has been reported to raise 35 million just to kick-start their venture in October 2015.As such with new online gambling sites like this it is also good to get an impartial third party’s opinion, which are available at sites such as

All of this has been verified and reported by the Australian Financial Review. When you see a credible source such as that associated to an online betting website, that is usually a good sign. Bluebet is a licensed and regulated organization that has been operating for the past 3 years with a substantial client base. It is important to seek out online betting sites that are regulated and licensed because such online casinos are bound to follow a certain set of rules, based on which they must never disclose your personal information, they meet betting standards and most importantly, they will not be able to get away with your money. So always conduct thorough research before choosing your online betting website.

Michael Sullivan’s Bluebet can save you time and money

Don’t let time go by without reaping its potential benefits in a productive way. Making the most out of our time means to cut down the time wasted on meaningless tasks which leaves extra time for tasks that are worth our focus. If you visit a physical sports bet establishment on a weekend, be prepared to wait in the long line before you can make the bet. That is a petty waste of time, standing impatiently doing nothing. Taking driving and parking into account, it just adds to the wasted time. Bluebet is a sure-fire way to make the bets you want with no time wasted at all. Time is not the only thing you are wasting. Driving down to the casino requires gas too which is pretty costly right now. Online betters save themselves a great deal of money and time as compared to betters who visit physical casinos.