Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

By Emily Roberts

When we hit the green, it’s important to dress to impress! The golf dress code means that course owners can deny you entry if you’re not dressed correctly. This varies from course to course and the enforcement of the code can be relaxed or strict.

What to Wear

The most important thing to remember for the green is to be dressed smartly. Don’t go onto the green with tracksuits or football colours, as these won’t be received well by the owners or other golfers. Golf shoes should be worn at all times, as these are essential to make sure you’re not damaging the green and you have enough grip.

Even shorts can be a point of contention, as these should be long and properly tailored. They should also be worn with long socks, preferably with your shirt tucked in. Don’t be surprised if the course attendant asks you to tuck in your shirt as you play if it comes undone.

For this reason, many people find it easier to opt for chinos to play golf instead. Don’t think about wearing jeans on the green, or you won’t be allowed to golf. These would be restrictive to play in and could potentially cause you to injure yourself.

Shirts should be semi-formal, a polo shirt or roll neck shirt is acceptable to play in. Nike have been creating more roll neck shirts since Tiger Woods started to wear them on tour. Some incredibly strict courses won’t allow you to wear these, even if they sell them on site! The exact rules on golf apparel should be displayed online or in the clubhouse.


Wearing a hat is acceptable on a golf course, as many people use these to avoid getting sunburned. Only certain hats are allowed however, as more casual ones are considered improper. Baseball caps are allowed, as these stop the sun from hitting your face or back of your neck. Visors may also be worn on most courses for the same reason.

Designer caps are often a bit of a status symbol for golfers, as they allow you to be flash without going outside of the dress code. The options for headwear are more varied for women than they are for men, as you could wear straw hats. As long as they are functional and fairly formal, you’ll be fine to use these.

Under new LPGA rules, quite a few changes have been made for women golfers. This includes the restriction on leggings and necklines. These have been quite vague in the past, so there’s a bit of tightening up going on within this dress code. This kind of vague dress code makes it hard for golfers to make sure they’re complying with all of the rules.

With so many rules to remember, just stick to the basics. If you’re in any doubt about whether your outfit will cause any problems, you can bring a backup one just in case. This will prevent you from getting thrown off the course in the future.