by Brian McKay


Baseball has been there for quite a long time, and it's one of the best-regarded games that help the players keep fit and reveal unanimous health benefits that cannot be considered or achieved anywhere else. It's a game of precision where a player can score from the accuracy of a pitcher's throw of the ball, the amazing swinging of the bat or at the speed of one player crossing from the home plate making a highly accurate game leaving no room for errors. The sport requires excellent training with the objective of improving the strength, agility, and speed which is relative to the demands and motions of the sport thus gaining the most exclusive skills required by a professional baseball player.

Nutritional Iron Rich Food for Baseball players

Baseball requires a player to make quick and prompt decisions. Therefore a baseball player needs to consume healthy foods that are beneficial. Their major objective is to maintain high energy levels and also concentration to ensure adequate and fluent hydration for better performance. One of the main nutrition to consider is the intake of iron-rich foods such as meat, milk, eggs, poultry, fish and legumes for recovery and muscle repair. They should also consume lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats that provide essential minerals and vitamins. Iron rich foods provide plenty health benefits and also helping the players maintain bodily health and improving their immunity. The players should exercise appropriate timing of taking meals to including simple snacks to improve nutrient absorption, maximising fuelling and recovery and also manage appetite for better training and performance.

Building Strength

Baseball players need to use varied weights to gain strength they need. One should start by squats by placing about 50% of their maximum weight on the bar. Then one can start by lowering the body until the legs are parallel to the ground, then rising back up and repeating the exercise for about four sets of ten reps.

Rotating med ball throws is another excellent strength building exercise. It is best performed with a partner using weighted medicine balls. One picks the med ball twist to the right and then pass it to the partner, then twisting to the left to receive the med ball. One can also perform this exercise by throwing the med ball against a concrete wall in 4 sets of ten for best results.

Farmer’s walk is another incredibly easy workout whereby you grab a 45-pound weight in each hand and then carrying the weight around the edges. One also needs to try and make it across the room and taking a 30-second break then repeating for two more times. This lift weight helps the player to work on their core or the back, the lower body and eventually griping the maximum strength they need while playing the game.

Improving Agility

The agility ladder is the best-known tool to improve agility on baseball players whereas the exercise also promotes multiple health benefits. One should start side straddle and hop whereby you start by standing at the end of the ladder and jump off with both feet landing in a square together then straddling the square. After this trial, you proceed to the next by jumping in a forward move placing your feet back on the inside. One has to repeat this until they reach the edge of the ladder and repeat the exercise three more times.

You can then move to Carioca runs which focuses on changing the direction. You alternate between the squares facing forward, stepping to the next square and facing sideways to the next square and facing forward again. On completion of the ladder for four times, you would be facing the left side twice and right side twice thus improving agility to respond in any direction while on the pitch.

Improving the Speed

Speed is another important factor and skill while playing baseball. There are several exercises you can apply to achieve this. You can start with one-legged squats because you can do it with or without the weights. You have to rest one leg on something when starting to help you maintain the balance and repeat this for around three sets of eight.

You can then try the split jumps where you jump high in the air making an X with your arms and legs. The sprints will also help you gain speed when short sprint distances in the field or you can run on the treadmills at the gym increasing the speed. The treadmills will help you workout the muscles thus strengthening your calves which also adds to the health benefits gained from these exercises. You can also run up and down the hill to help you increase flexibility and strides.

As you see, baseball players acquire numerous health benefits when performing these exercises. Therefore all you need is to take the appropriate type of foods rich in iron and concentrate on your exercise for maximum performance as a baseball player.