The freelance life is appealing to many people. It’s a great way to enjoy flexible working, while being able to be your own boss and do the things that you want to do, and do them for yourself.

When freelancing is good, it’s really good, but when it starts to dry up or there’s a quiet period, your finances can take a dip. But don’t be disheartened if work is a little slow, there are ways you can pick yourself up and look to increase your earnings.

Take a look at some of the following ways to boost your income as a freelancer.

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Put yourself out there

Many freelancers get started with word of mouth projects. These often come about because of an existing job, meaning you’ve probably not had to look very hard to find freelance work. Do you even have a website that advertises your services? Now is the time to be more proactive about finding freelance clients and putting yourself out there. A bit of marketing and promotion can really pay off, so it’s worth giving it a try to see what comes out of it.

Check out online job portals

There are several online jobs portals out there that many freelancers will have used to start out their careers. Through online job portals, you can sell your services for a fee, as well as bid for open and existing work. You’ll need an online portfolio ready to go to help you stand out, and be prepared to deal with some commission fees. There are a lot of freelance job websites out there, so start browsing for some fast work.

Become a part of a referral program

Client referral programs can be a fantastic way for you to generate some extra money. A VoIP reseller partner program is a great scheme to join that will help compensate you for referrals, etc. The money might not always be lucrative for a freelancer or sole trader, but you could still earn a decent amount to fall back on if needed.

Try other side hustles

If work is in short supply for your freelance services, why not look at some side hustles you can try instead? The internet is a great place to find side hustle opportunities, covering everything from writing and editing to data entry and telemarketing. There are a lot of different possibilities out there that could help you add to your skills while finding new clients along the way. A side hustle can be a good thing to do while freelancing even when things are good - it’s always helpful to have a bit extra in your savings in case things don’t quite turn out the way you’d hope.

Use affiliate links

Affiliate links are another way that freelancers can make some money, especially if you’ve got a good following on social media. Becoming an affiliate marketer involves joining a scheme, such as Amazon’s affiliate program, and recommending products to others on your platforms. Each time an individual either clicks a link or makes a purchase, you’ll earn some commission. Many bloggers and influencers make money this way, and if you’ve got some time on your hands, you could easily improve your social media following and help make those link clicks add up.

Get in touch with previous clients

Your previous clients can be an excellent source of work, and sometimes you just need to give them a gentle reminder that you’re there! Send an email to clients reminding them of your services, and potentially offer them a discount too. Sometimes they just need their memories jogged, while the prospect of a discount can soon spark people into making a purchase, even if they don’t really need it. You should try to do the rounds with previous clients anyway to help maintain the relationship, you never know when something could lead to some ongoing work.

When you’re a freelancer, money can be something that’s always a concern. It’s important to save and have a good buffer to dip into should things ever slow down, allowing you to focus your efforts on finding new business instead of stressing about your finances. There are always plenty of ways to make money on the side if you need to, helping you make it out of this difficult patch ready for your next challenge. Don’t let money issues get you down, make a plan and stick to it so that you can make the most of being a freelancer.

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