By Jerry Mooney

Many people like the idea of “going green”, but few people actually go ahead and do it. That all needs to change though, if mankind is going to do everything in its power to offset the damage that has already been done to the earth through pollution and the like. The good news is that becoming an eco-friendly company is much easier than you think, and it has a hidden surprise attached to it, too: it can save your company big money! Really, there’s nothing not to like about this initiative, so start making the transition to environmentally conscious company today!


Switch it Off

There’s been a big drive in recent years to get companies to switch off their lights and unused electrical appliances, but it still happens more than it should. Can you really afford to throw money away for no good reason? Make it a company policy to “TURN IT OFF” and you’ll notice a difference when it comes to paying the bills. Sometimes they’re left on for no other reason than confusion, so try and assign one employee to be in charge of it each day.

Energy Sources

If your work premises are on your own land, then you can significantly reduce your work’s carbon footprint and save massive amounts of money by drilling your own borehole and making the most of the resources that are already literally under your business. The same goes for geothermal energy, which, like boreholes, only requires a bit of rotary drilling and some technical skills to implement. Once it’s on site, you’ll have renewable, clean energy - and you’ll have slashed the cost of your energy, too.

Buying Reusable

How much money do you end up spending on items that are used only once before they’re discarded and sent straight to the landfill? Take a look at your everyday items that you could switch to reusable and do some quick calculations: odds are, making the switch could save you big, big money when spread over a year or more. Just because we exist in a wider throwaway culture doesn’t mean your company can’t do things differently! Even your old office supplies can be repurposed into something useful, so get creative.

Work From Home

Ask yourself: is it really essential that all employees be in the office all the time? If not, look at allowing workers to telecommute from time to time. The internet is everywhere, so it’ll be like they’re in the office anyway, and you’ll be cutting down on office expenses. They also won’t be using natural resources just to get to work, too!

And a Final Gift

We’ve already shown some of the ways in which going green can save you money, but did you know that it can also make you money? It’s true. As the public become more and more sensitive to the plight of the natural world, they’re increasingly opting to spend their money with companies who are environmentally engaged. And when you implement these changes, that’ll include you!