Image Source: Pixabay

By Jerry Mooney

There’s no denying the fact that we are living in a digital world. As such, it should come as no surprise that the realm of digital currency is currently thriving. Quite frankly, the Bitcoin platform has grown from strength to strength year after year. Let’s face it; that growth will only continue over the coming decade.

Bitcoin can be used for multiple purposes. Perhaps most notably, it can be used as a tool to create a second income. Unlike gambling, there are tried and tested methods that feel closer to a job role than a punt. Let’s look at four of the best.


As a digital currency, Bitcoin is different to more traditional forms. Without getting too technical, the process of making new bitcoin available happens through mining. Essentially, when a computer registers a block of transactions, the currency increases. The miner receives 25 bitcoins per block.

 At one time, becoming a miner was fairly inaccessible due to cost and equipment. Nowadays, though, it’s possible to use a server for bitcoin mining. This makes is a lot easier for individuals to start earning additional funds through this method.

 Get Paid In Bitcoin

 The most obvious way to earn any form of currency is to work for it. So if you want to increase your bitcoins, this is the most effective manner. While some businesses even accept it a form of payment, you should concern yourself with using it as the payment type for online freelance jobs.   

 Like other currencies, bitcoins can be used for virtually any transaction. Regardless of whether you’re a virtual receptionist or an online accountant, you can trade your service for coins. Best of all, if you trade out at the right time, the exchange rate could effectively increase your wages.

 Spread The Word

 Marketing is a fundamental element of all digital sector, and that’s certainly true when dealing with bitcoins. It’s a huge business idea, and those within it are constantly fighting for new clients. If you can do that work for them, you will be rewarded.

 There are dozens of bitcoin referral programs out there linked to various exchange sites and platforms. Similarly, other big organizations may be willing to pay you in bitcoins when you refer friends and family to their websites too. The more noise you make, the more coin you’ll rake. Easy.   

 Start A Bitcoin Info Site

 Learning the tools of the trade does take time and effort. But once you’ve accomplished that target, though, direct earning aren’t the only option. By setting up a website aimed at helping others, you could soon start making money through Adsense and other measures.

 The cool thing about this is that money will be paid through traditional currencies. This means it won’t become mixed up with your other Bitcoin revenue streams. If your site becomes popular, you might even find that other websites pay your for guest posts too. That extra income is something nobody would reject – especially as you earn it from home.