by Brian McKay

What could be more Zen than sitting back and allowing the money come to you without aggressively going after it and working a crazy 15 hour days? Of course, to do this, it does mean you have to put in the right effort at the beginning, and that means choosing and setting up the best income stream to help you achieve your goal. Something you can find out more about in the post below.


One way to be sure that you have a stable stream of income from passive pursuits is to create and sell an ebook. Either through your own website or blog, or you can choose to make it available through an international seller like Amazon. The best thing is that you can decide what to write about as well, so that means you can focus on something that interests you or some special knowledge that you can share with the world.



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You don't even have to actually write that book yourself either. In fact, you can employ someone that will ghostwrite it for you. Something that can make the whole process an incredibly easy way of making money.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another fantastic stream of passive income. It is usually done by using your blog or website to reviews certain products.  Comparing which are the best value for money, which have the top performance, and covering any particular special features. Then alongside these reviews, you place links to the site of the affiliate company you are working with that allow readers to click directly through and purchase the product. You earn when purchases are actually made, rather than on a click-through basis.


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Yes, you will need to know a little about the products that you are reviewing, and you will have the initial start-up costs of setting up a website. However, once those are out of the way it can be a pretty lucrative way of earning.


There is a massive market for printables these days. It seems everyone likes the idea of having an attractively set out worksheet on which to record their budget, goals, and meal planning.

Simple and attractive printables can make your money.


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Combine this with the fact that there are many brands of Planner like Happy Planner, and Erin Condren out there that people want specialized and customized record sheets for, and creating and selling these sheets is a market worth tapping.  

Just remember that such sheets are more than just simple table drawn up in word and excel. Instead, they need to be attractive, with custom fonts, and writable in PDF form to allow customers to enter in their own information.


If you are a something of a shutterbug, then taking and selling pictures online might be the perfect passive income to choose. After all, you get to indulge in your hobby and then sell the results to providers such as Pixabay and Pexels.

OK, so it's not completely passive as you will need to update your stock from time to time. Although it's still a pretty low maintenance way of adding to your income stream.