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Walls of text can be off-putting. This applies to most forms of marketing including social media. If your business is sending tweet after tweet without much interaction, consider throwing in some pretty pictures. Readers’ eyes may be getting drawn to the posts with images and skimming over yours.

Of course, posting images isn’t easy for some businesses. If you make cakes, you can easily show your products off on Instagram. But what if you’re an accountancy firm or a PR organisation? In these cases you have to get creative. Here are some tips to consider…

Build a story of your business

Images can tell a thousand words. Whilst you should avoid stock photos, images of people and places can offer a personal connection and tell a story of your business and its development. This could include telling a story of your rise to success – providing images of your business influences along with quotes or photographing books by lead businessmen that you’ve been reading. You could also provide images of your first achievements such as graduation photos, business awards or notable clients you’ve worked with. Also make sure to photograph any notable events. This could include business conventions and award ceremonies. If a notable member of staff is retiring and you’re throwing them a leaving do, take a picture to honor him. A snap of a Christmas party can also show you’re a business that has a sense of fun and camaraderie. Of course, make sure there aren’t any drunken snaps of employees or photographs that could damage your reputation – a banner or a table of snacks or champagne glass is sometimes the safest bet!

Show off your office

A trustworthy business isn’t afraid to show what happens behind the scenes. Make sure that your office is tidy and presentable (you may want to invest in some office interior design) and then start snapping. Make sure that your employees are all okay with being photographed and don’t go overboard. The best shots include working with notable clients, or showing part of the manufacturing process. There’s no need to keep showing everyday work - just pick up on notable events that might make your business seem more interesting and endearing to clients.  

Showcase clients

Ask clients if you can take a photograph of them or a photograph of your work and share it online. If you’re a construction business – why not take a before and after shot? Similarly, you could take a picture of your client in front of the finished work. Always ask for permission and be wary of situations where it may be risky (upload pictures with clients after you’ve worked with them, not before - in case there are any hitches along the way).

Read the news and embrace memes

To keep your business current, link in your business life with news stories. Post a picture of your favorite athlete during Olympic season, comment on the heavy snow or boiling heat with snaps and repost local news in your area with images. Avoid getting political as this could divide opinion. Also feel free to embrace memes to add humor. Of course, stay professional – if the humor could be read as immature or offensive, it’s best to steer clear.