by Nigel Hilton

Choosing to sell your home, regardless of the reason why can be a huge decision. There are a lot of emotions involved when it comes to selling your property. Whether it's because you can't wait to move, or aren't keen. But there are a few things that you need to do Before selling your home, and here are a few of the tips that will help you on the way.

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Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash


Is selling your home actually the choice you want to make? Are there alternatives? And what is the actual reason that you want to sell your home? If you're making a decision based on an emotional reaction to the situation. This might not be the best way to come to your conclusion. However you do need to consider if selling is the right option for you, where you're going to move to, how the finances add up, how it will affect your family, and also whether it's even a viable option for you at this time. If it turns out it isn't the right option for you at this moment, then at least you know you can plan for the future, and you have already given it considerable thought. Once you have made the decision; however, to move home, it's all systems go, and then the planning and preparation begins.


Before you even instruct an agent or start packing you really have to give some thought to the preparation of your big move. There are certain things, such as decluttering and sorting, that can be done at any time. Making sure the movies as stress free as possible is easy if you're organised. If you have piles of rubbish, get rid of them. If you have clothes that nobody wears anymore sell them on our hands and down. You are undoubtedly grateful that you took the time to prepare well when you're in the middle of moving home.


There are so many variables when it comes to moving home such as, the agency that you are used to selling your home, the solicitor that you will use, any work that will need doing to the property and who will do that work, and a whole range of things you may never have considered before. If you've sold a home before however, you will have a slight understanding of what's to come. But each house purchase and sale is different, so doing as much research as possible, is by far the best thing you can do before purchasing or selling at home.


There will be many different agencies and organisations, that will claim to be able to sell your house for the highest price, and in the shortest time. But finding an agency that offers a flat fee listing, will at least keep you on target when it comes to your budget. Ask around and find out if you have any friends or family that can recommend an agent to you and see if they suit your selves.


So this is the part of selling a home that of course is the main goal, the actual sale of the property. Making sure that you have everything in place, everybody knows exactly what they're doing and when, and you have put as many measures in place as possible to prevent any upset. Selling your home is a little more than put in the coffee on when someone arrives at your house to view it. However, you will have the best agents and all the knowledge that you need to hand through following the processes above.