by Nigel Hilton



When moving to another country, a realm of possibilities open up before us. For some, it can feel very much like restarting life all over again. Not only do you now have to create a new friendship group, but potentially learn the nuances of the new legal system, adopt a new language, consider a new culture, start somewhat of a new diet, work with different legal codes, get used to the cultural norms and also try to find time to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle within all of that.

In other words, you have a lot on your plate here. However, with a positive attitude and a caring interest in bettering yourself, this can be nothing if not a truly sustaining effort, giving you and your family something incredible to experience. And yet when you have moved into your property and are willing to experience this new flow of life, how do you settle in correctly, or find out specific information, such as where to find the best kreditkort? Well, we feel we have some tips for this, to potentially shed some light on your situation. Let us offer some humble advice to this end:

Soak In The Culture

It can take a month or two to feel somewhat adapted to the culture before you. In some cultures, it can take a little longer than that. However, settling into a culture is not always something you have to ‘wait out’ to fully acclimate to. You can also accelerate that process in a healthy manner by soaking in the culture. This might include eating more of the cuisine, visiting the museums and art galleries in the local city, reading a little about the local history and even mythology dictating the expressions of people within that culture. You might read a couple of the most celebrated novels of said country, or head for a peaceful walk through the night simply observing everything. Even small things that help you acclimate, such as learning how to flawlessly eat with a pair of chopsticks, could be your best and most worthwhile next lesson.

When you do this, not only do you learn more about the culture surrounding you, but you begin to appreciate it all the more. That can only be a healthy thing. On top of that, the more you absorb, the more you can connect the dots. For example, learning the small phrases and expressions that people use in their language can help you perhaps understand small elements of literature more, or accelerate your understanding of the language. Not enough people feel an obligation to soak in the culture of their host country, which often sounds like an argument that a racist person would make. But the truth is, respecting the culture and heritage of your new living environment can both help you meet more people, understand and feel more comfortable within the norms, and most of all - it’s an almost unlimited amount of fun to experience.

Make Friends

Do not close yourself off to people. It could be that in the international school your child is now attending, you meet the parents of other children. They may have experience moving from another country too, or may just be willing to help you learn the language faster as well as small things, such as where to apply for a country-specific driving license. We all need friends to both feel social enjoyment and also to feel less alone, and in this capacity you will be making all the positive difference possible. To us, that’s quite a fantastic eventuality you can work towards.

Build Your Goals & Hobbies

When you manage to settle in to a certain extent, it can sometimes feel as though you haven’t quite built your goal and hobbies to the right degree. This can prevent you from feeling like yourself thoroughly, and might even harm your ascent into the person you have hoped to become.

So, why not try something new here? If near a very large lake there might be a sailing club you can join. Perhaps bringing your chess expertise in a local community club can help you impress, be challenged, and also meet friends while exercising your ideal. Taking a culinary course can help you feel more confident in enjoying and making use of local cuisine. 

Settling in by itself denotes an ability to feel like yourself in an environment. Of course, part of our identity is our environment. So, if you continually keep that at arms length, things can feel much more tense, and that is needless.

With this advice, we hope you can settle into your new home much more thoroughly.