Are You and Your Lawyer a Good Match?

by Haris Quintana

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It is essential to feel that you and your lawyer are a good match. Being able to connect with them on a personal level is as important as their legal skills and knowledge as small communication gaps can sometimes result in the loss of an entire case. To find out whether you and your lawyer are a good match, make sure that you remember these questions that you should ask yourself:

Is your lawyer well-versed in local law?

You need to make sure that your lawyer is familiar with the specifics of local legislature in your area. If you are looking for an attorney practicing family law in Denver, Colorado, you will have to ask them about their background in Colorado law. Do not be afraid to ask questions such as how long they have been practicing in the area, what kind of cases they have dealt with, and whether there are any specific concerns regarding your case. It is also okay to ask to see certificates and ask for names of particular cases that they have worked on.

Are you able to communicate clearly?

For your lawyer to be effective, you need to have a good rapport. As family law can often be a sensitive issue, you need to feel completely comfortable discussing your case with your lawyer. They need to be empathetic and sensitive in their responses, and they should be able to respect your feelings and wishes. Look out for signs that reveal whether they are a good listener. You should not have to frequently repeat points that you have previously stated, and notice small details such as whether they take notes and remember names. Another sign that your lawyer is a good listener is whether they ask follow-up questions. They should be looking for continuity, and they should be able to detect missing parts of the narrative.

Does your lawyer seem trustworthy?

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Sometimes, people find themselves getting scammed or exploited by unsavory characters. To avoid this, try to make sure that your lawyer is a legitimate and reputable practitioner. You can find their contacts. It is better to find a lawyer from a trusted website than a random advertisement. It is your responsibility to do research and read reviews of your lawyer. There are also certain tell-tale signs that your lawyer is not trustworthy, such as if they seem to over-inflate the success of their previous cases. Verify their claims against facts. Another clue of dishonesty is whether they are forthcoming about money matters. Their rates should be standard to their qualifications and should not be fluctuating too much as though you are haggling.

It might take some time and effort to find a good lawyer, but if you find the perfect one, it can dramatically alter the outcome of your case. In cases where the stakes run very high, it is imperative to find the best attorney that you possibly can - not one who is simply well versed in the law, but one who also understands you and your needs.