by Liam Smith

A bathroom renovation project does not necessarily involve long and expensive housework. You can revamp the entire look for a bathroom in using tools and know how that is readily available and generally is also an affordable price too.

This article covers some key things you’ll want to consider during your bathroom renovation to ensure that it is a complete success. Simply keep reading below to learn more about the top things you need to have a renovation that goes smoothly and looks great.

Clean Up The Bathroom First

First things first, before you begin any big changes, it's always good to start unpacking. This essential step will ensure that the rest of the renovation rolls smoothly.

If you have any old furniture or bathroom fixtures you no longer want. Get a skip and clear this out ahead of time. You’ll also naturally want to remove any of your towels and linens that might be stored in that bathroom. Otherwise, these could end up getting dusty or dirty while you are renovating.

Then a general quick clean will also ensure that the room is ready for the renovators so they can get straight to work.

Decide What to Do With Your Tiles

Most bathrooms have tiles, whether on the flooring, walls, back splash or in the shower stall itself. Maybe your bathroom has tiles in all of these places! If so you’ll need to decide on what to do about them if you want your renovation to go well.

If your tiles are in rough shape then they may need to be completely replaced. However if only a few have chips then it may be easy enough and also more cost-effective to repair the broken or damaged tiles. Opting for a repair instead of a completely new renovation is also a great way to ensure that you keep budgeting costs lower.

If you do decide to replace your bathroom tiles be sure to have a look out for a water-resistant variety. These are important in a high humidity area like the bathroom.

Repaint The Walls With Suitable Paints

There are acrylic paints, like tiles, that are ideal for high humidity areas. These paints are more moisture resistant to ensure that your paint doesn’t bubble from your shower’s steam.

Repainting is also a simple way to update the look of your bathroom if you aren’t looking for a full renovation. In this case, a quick coat of paint in a bright color will make the room look more spacious while you stay on budget.

That way you can keep it cost-effective while still enjoying the look of a new bathroom.

Revamp The Bathroom By Changing The Accessories

The simplest things can make a big difference for your bathroom. A beautiful shower curtain, well chosen, can give your bathroom a whole new look!

For a modern bathroom, a graphic print curtain is a great option, but feel free to get creative! The only limit to the accessories you use for your bathroom is your imagination. So pick out bath mats, shower curtains, and towels that bring your bathroom to life with a great new appearance!

You can even go with bold bright colors to really make the space pop. If you have small children, why not switch things up with fun underwater imagery. Before you know it your old bathroom will look amazing.

Now that you know exactly how you want to approach your bathroom renovation, it’s time to make it happen. When planning out the details be sure to compare bathroom fitters prices so that you can easily plan out an effective budget for the project. Then, before you know it you’ll be bringing your dream bathroom to life!

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home improvement, wellness, and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.