There is nothing as annoying and painful than a tooth irritation. In addition to the pain, you have to face the grim reality of seeing a dentist in the future. Before you try to fix the tooth pain by yourself, you need to identify the real cause behind it. Tooth pain could be due to a number of causes apart from the cavity. It is important to identify where it is coming from and why it is happening. Here are a few reasons why your teeth hurt.

  1. Brushing too hard

You want your teeth as clean and white as possible but applying unnecessary pressure will cause more trouble and pain. Brushing too hard can wear away the entire tooth structure and gums. You might have often noticed sensitivity when you eat or drink hot or cold items. This is because of the root structure is highly exposed. You cannot undo this damage done by brushing too hard. You will only have to meet a dentist for the same. A dentist can place tooth colored fillings on the spaces where your tooth has worn away. If you have invested in dental insurance, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money. If you do not have a cover, it is time to choose a great dental cover for you because you will need it in the future.

2.  Gum infection

The majority of the adult population in the United States suffers from a gum infection. It is very common amongst the adult population aged 30 and above. A gum infection occurs when germs enter the gum area and begin to multiply. They continue to multiply to a stage where the body can no longer fight the bad bacteria and this leads to an infection. It can cause pain and swelling or an unpleasant taste in the mouth. If you notice these signs, you need to get yourself tested. If you overlook a gum infection, it can cause serious trouble in the future. A dentist will be required to clean the entire gum region surrounding the infected tooth.

3.  Sinus infection

This often happens during the flu season. It is a type of infection that can start in a way that does not feel like normal sinus. The roots of specific teeth tend to sit right beside the sinus and the pressure caused by an infection will mirror tooth pain. In this case, you might not need dental treatment but you will require medication like antibiotics to cure the sinus.

4.  Cracked tooth

There could be a number of reasons behind a cracked tooth. It could happen if you have bitten something hard or it could be an injury from something outside the mouth. In the case of a crack, you will experience tooth pain when you bite down or chew food.

These are some common reasons behind tooth pain and it is not because of a cavity. However, you need to consult a dentist for a solution from the pain.