You love spending time with your friends and family. This has been your avenue to de-stress from work and be recharged to take on any challenges in the coming days. Most of the time, you always meet with them outside your home, but since your garage is no longer in use, you’re thinking of converting it into another living space. You think that having this kind of room in your property is better compared to going out. Besides, cooking your own food will always be cheaper rather than buying from restaurants, right? This and other ideas in your mind has got you excited to start your garage renovation project.

Sure, you might be pumped to use a new living space in your property but do you actually know how to do it? This renovation project will need more than just re-arranging and dusting; remember, you’re turning a room originally for vehicle use into a man’s paradise. These tips might come in handy for you to achieve your goal:

Step 1: Have a plan

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Just like anything else, a plan is essential in turning your garage into a new living space. Your plan should include what you want to see in your new living space, to what extent are you willing to make the changes and how much are you willing to pay for it. If you’re planning to use old furniture and do everything on your own, you’ll be spending less. However, if you want professionals to help you in every step of the renovation, prepare to spend a little more.

Step 2: Clean and organize everything in your garage

This might seem like a chore, but cleaning and organizing items in your garage are essential for its renovation. This will enable you to sort out which items are in use and which aren’t. If you can discover items which are no longer in use, donate or give these away. You can even sell these through a garage sale, and the money you’ll earn here can be used for your renovation expenses. Don’t keep items which you no longer need or use as these only take up storage space.

Step 3: Consider your garage door style

Your garage door will play an important role in the overall theme of your new living space. Most of the time, a garage door will take away the feel of a new living space. If you’re looking for a new garage door for your new living space, you might want to consider purchasing amarr doors online.

Step 4: Improve the overall look (and feel) of your garage

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Remember, your garage was originally made for a vehicle and not for a room where people can stay comfortably. This is why you should improve the overall look of your garage. You can start by using carpeted or tiled flooring instead of the usual cemented ones. This will create a very cozy ambiance and warmth in your living space.

The room’s ventilation should also be improved. Sure, your garage’s temperature might have worked with your vehicle, but it’ll never be the same story once people actually get to use the room. Make sure that the room is cold or warm enough, depending on the temperature outside. Anyone who stays in your new living area should be comfortable, and not feel like they’re in an oven.

Your new living space will require new appliances, for sure. If you think you’ll be needing more electrical connections and wiring, work with a local electrician. Your new living space should have enough electrical outlets.

The Bottom Line

Having a new living space in your home can be very interesting for many different reasons. You’ll be able to brag to your friends, re-use your garage and be able to have fun in the process. All of these things can also serve as your motivation to go through the entire renovation!  

George Anderson

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George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. He writes for sites like Shop Garage Door and in his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.