Your friends invited you to a new travel destination overseas. They told you that this location has the best beaches and food. They also informed you that everything there is cheaper compared to the prices you have in your area. Because of the things they told you, you’re excited to go on this trip. You think that you need this break to recharge from work and function better again. But before you actually pack your bags, you should consider getting travel insurance. Yes, this might entail cost, but this is a very good investment that can save you from a lot of stress when you’re overseas.

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Spending time in another place is an exciting experience. This is one of the best avenues to de-stress and have fun. But can you still have fun when you encounter emergencies along the way? To ensure that you’ll be safe and prepared for any kind of emergency, make sure to get travel insurance before going overseas. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Travel insurance can help you when you lost your money: One of the scariest thing that can happen to travelers overseas is when they’ll lose their money. Sure, this can be solved when there’s an ATM in the travel destination but what if there’s none? How can one survive the trip? Or worse, how can someone get home? When you have travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about these things at all. Your travel insurance policy will cover you financially when you lose your money overseas. The same also applies when you lose your passport and other travel documents. This means that you can still have fun (and go home safely) even when you experienced a horrible situation during your trip.

  2. Travel insurance will cover overseas emergency medical and hospital costs: The most common reasons why someone would go overseas is either for work or pleasure (but most of the time, it’s for the latter!). But when you get sick or injured while travelling, are you financially capable of sending yourself to the hospital? Travel insurance can help you out. This will cover you in instances when you need immediate medical attention, regardless of wherever you are. This can include your hospital, surgery and even emergency dental treatment. You’ll be able to recover faster and easier – thanks to your travel insurance coverage!

  3. Travel insurance will cover accommodation and travel expenses: When you get sick overseas, it’s typical that your attending physician won’t allow you to travel just yet. You’ll still need time to rest and recover. And when this happens, you need money to pay for your accommodation – something which you might not have planned for during the trip. This is also an expense which travel insurance can cover. Your insurance policy will pay for your accommodations and other travel expenses when you get ill.

  4. Travel insurance can cover for your traveling companion: Travelling is fun when you have other people with you. You’ll be able to have someone to share new sights and take pictures with! But when your companion suddenly gets ill or injured overseas, it can be really stressful. This would also mean adjustment on your part especially if tickets and accommodations were already paid. But when you have travel insurance, it can take that stress away. Your travel insurance will actually reimburse you for any expenses when your companion can no longer continue with the trip. For example, when a room good for two has been paid and your companion is no longer there, the insurance company will pay you for your expenses.

  5. Travel insurance can help when your journey is disrupted: Regardless of how prepared you can be, there’ll always be surprises along the way. You might have planned out your trip for two days only but because of a delayed or canceled flight going home, you’ll need to stay a day longer. This can be very frustrating because you’ll end up spending more than what you’ve budgeted. In situations like these, the money you spend on food and additional accommodation will be reimbursed by your travel insurance. This means that any disruption of your journey won’t put a hole in your pocket!

  6. Travel insurance can help with your personal liability: Imagine this: you were driving a rented car to your travel destination when you hit someone. The person was  badly injured, and the family filed a claim against you. Anything that involves the law is serious business. This can also become the reason why you’d spend time in jail. You can prevent situations like these from getting worse when you have travel insurance. Your policy will help you pay for personal liabilities which can include hospitalization of the victim. With travel insurance, you’ll be able to pay for the medical needs of an injured victim.  

In Conclusion

Some people are hesitant with the idea of insurance. They think that it’s a waste of money and whatever happens to them in the future, will be something which they can solve on their own. Don’t be one of these people. If you want to be prepared emotionally and financially during your upcoming trip overseas, make sure that you have leading travel insurance. Paying for the premiums with travel insurance are small sacrifices compared to the benefits you can get during emergencies.

Amelia Smith

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Amelia Smith believes that the key to understanding something isn't always about how good the explanation is, but how engaged you are with the learning process. As such an integral aspect of her pieces for sites such as is to ensure that insurance and banking concerns of her readers aren't tackled just in a technical sense, but also in a way that they can relate to their lives.