Infidelity is the main reason why most couples split up. It’s also the worst one. Surely just breaking up beforehand would be simpler, would you not agree? Cheating often leaves one person devastated, especially if they had to find out about the affair all on their own. Have you noticed your partner acting strange lately, or perhaps even distancing themselves from you? Although they may be stressed out and in need of some alone time, it’s just as possible they have someone else and you’re simply not aware of it. Here are some tell-tale signs that your partner might be cheating on you. Do note that they’re just signs and you should investigate further, they’re not 100% bulletproof.

1. Sudden lack of communication

When your partner starts turning cold, they’ll begin ignoring your calls or even looking for excuses not to talk to you. They’ll rarely call you on the phone and be distant when talking in real life. Research suggests this is actually the first sign your partner is cheating and/or falling out of love with you. Don’t ignore it. Openly ask your partner to discuss about it.

2. Personality change

If they’re suddenly a lot more secretive and less affectionate, guess what? They’ve probably got someone else and you’re simply not their priority anymore. Sometimes, although not often, they might be acting weird because guilt is eating them up alive, but if that’s the case, they’re better off just coming clean to you. Either way, confront them about it and be direct. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you look like a fool.

3. Spending more money

If they suddenly start spending more money, it’s time to do a little research. Find out if they’ve been splurging on any gifts, clothes or even hotels. If you find out they have, confront them. Let’s be honest here, a person who doesn’t have anything to hide will certainly tell you if they’ve been going to a hotel or spending a ton of money on gifts. Chances are, they do have something to hide and it involves another person.

4. Odd phone calls

Has your partner been receiving frequent phone calls at weird times of the day? Do they suddenly spend a lot of time on their phone talking to someone? Don’t just assume it’s their friend, especially if this behavior only started manifesting itself recently. It’s easy to find out who they’ve been talking to by conducting a reverse phone lookup.


Finding out your partner has been cheating on you is without a doubt devastating. Put it this way though: would you rather find out sooner or later? Sooner, before even getting married, right? No one wants to be stuck in a relationship with a cheater only to find out years later down the road that their significant other has led a secret life behind their back.