Zurich has lately become an amazingly famous city among globetrotters, due to the great cultural experiences it offers. This is why most of us might be thinking about planning a short trip there, only to check out the local color, the great cultural attractions and experience the great moments Zurich can offer you during your city break. Plan your Zurich airport transfer, as the services of airport transfers from Zurich airport are very reliable, find the best accommodation and then unpack your list of the most interesting places this city is eager to show its visitors. Here are our tips on where to spend your time if you plan to go on a city break in Zurich:

1.Visit the Churches

You might not be fond of religion, but churches in Zurich are definitely more than that. From their great architecture to their impressive history, these buildings will for sure be memorable for you. Visit Fraumünster Churche, take a glimpse at Grossmünster Churche and don’t miss the St. Peter’s Church and your short trip to Zurich will not only be meaningful, but also an experience which will teach you a lot of things you would not have the chance to discover otherwise.

2. Don’t miss the famous museums

How could you leave Zurich without visiting its wonderful museums? As one of the cities with the most museums in the world, Zurich has become a cultural corner, sheltering unique museums such as the one dedicated to digital arts or the Sepp Blatter Fifa’s World Football Museum. Some might look like fairytale castles and some might seem simple, but all of them will definitely remain in your mind forever with their unique exhibitions. Do not miss: Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Rietberg Museum and Pavillon Le Corbusier and you will go home richer when it comes to knowledge and experiences. Not to mention the great souvenirs!

3.Get close to nature

Nature lovers have the chance to find themselves in the middle of the nature even if they are in one of the most famous urban areas in Switzerland. From Zurich Zoological Garden, which shelters unique species of animals, to the Chinese Garden, which is one of the most beautiful places in Zurich and Burkliplatz, which is more than a boat dock, to the Botanical Garden Grueningen and the Lake Zurich, you have the chance to experience fresh air, beautiful fauna and flora and gather wonderful memories that will remain in your life forever. What is more, you can visit Uetliberg and have a bird’s eye view of the whole city from this famous mountain.

Get ready to experience amazing moments in Zurich and choose your destinations wisely and you’ll be all set to have a wonderful journey! As you could see, Zurich has a lot of interesting places that will become unforgettable memories for you and your travel companions. Do not hesitate to visit them all during your city break and you’ll for sure want to come back as soon as possible.