by Sharon Jones



Safety is not something that should be aimed towards. It should never be a goal. That suggests that you can take a road to ensuring your business safety,  rather than demanding it as something you have from the very start. Taking an uncompromising attitude to safety is essential to ensure that the most limited number of issues happen each year. Even a light injury should be considered unacceptable by these standards you implement. That can be a worthwhile cause.

It takes practical planning, investment, and a careful attention to detail to ensure that your safety measures are in place, both adhering to and exceeding the guidelines you might have. Thankfully, putting essential measures in place is mostly common sense, but it’s also worthwhile to see what you could improve. We hope to help you achieve this, because we cannot fathom a more important cause for your aims. 

With the following advice, we hope you’re much better able to achieve business safety, from top to bottom:

Disabled Access

Disabled access is essential for any building, but it can be just as essential for your firm. This means stair lifts in the case of a fire, ramps, and doors that are wide enough to fit a wheelchair through. This is just common sense, but sometimes it can take a little extra investment to put these safeguards in place. This can mean that in the event of an evacuation, all can leave safely. Of course, this is the main priority, but this also helps you treat your entire staff on the same level of respect.

Fire Safety

Fire doors are an essential part of any public building. You need to ensure that they are implemented, and closed no matter what. These excellent tools can prevent fires from spreading and causing injury, giving more time for an evacuation. We would also recommend essential fire alarm points around the building to ensure staff can report one very quickly, and for smoke detectors to be everywhere and regularly tested, preferably every week at a minimum. On top of that, ensuring staff know the correct policies in the event of a fire can help people avoid being injured. Fire can be one of the most dangerous events to ever happen to your firm, and so it’s absolutely important that you ensure protection is put in place.

Staff Policies

It’s essential that your staff know the exact policies necessary to keep the office safe. For example, avoiding overloading plugs, no open containers of water near electrical equipment, not to keep the office cluttered which aids the creative of trip hazards, and a ranger of other essential advice is important not only to discuss, but to enforce. Ensuring accountability to this end can be important. For example, not wearing the right safety gear should be met with a disciplinary, but it’s also your responsibility to enforce those standards.

With this advice, we hope you’re much better able to keep your office safe.