by Lina Martinez

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Image via Unsplash

A generation shift is occurring in the workforce and that brings with it a corresponding shift in attitudes. Companies are now vying to attract the most talented candidates from a field of 20 and 30 something Millennials, with radically different ideas as to what makes a desirable workplace from their predecessors. How do you create meaningful engagement at work in the face of this new generational challenge? Well, one quick route in is to seriously commit to environmental change and leadership. Not only is a clear commitment to Eco friendly practice proven to be highly attractive to the new generation of workers with a social agenda, but it can also save your business money and win you acclaim with potential clients as well. The ethical and fundamental reality demands change, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of additional benefits for a smart business. Building a culture of conservation doesn't have to be hard - there are some easy entry points and quick wins to get the ball rolling.

Bin Disposable Plastics

A healthy, focused workforce is a hydrated one and of course, we all function better in the mornings after a cup or two of hot coffee. But eliminating plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups is a quick and easy way to care for the planet. Plastic water bottles take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill, and we've all seen the extremely concerning footage of plastic waste harming animal life and damaging the oceans. Take the opportunity to get rid of them. Perhaps you could invest in some reusable hot beverage cups with company branding and issue them to new hires as part of the onboarding process. Add a filtration system to your water supply and there's no need for plastic water bottles either - employees can refill their glass with fresh clean water straight from the tap. It's a very simple step but one which, taken collectively, will have a huge impact on conservation efforts in the natural environment.

Work On Greener Transport Options
Employees all driving separately into work is a huge environmental pollutant, so implementing measures to support greener transport options for staff is another logical shift to make. It could be as simple as making sure there is a bus shelter and accommodating times, or offering a discounted season pass on public transport. You should also provide facilities for cyclists, such as a shower block and a secure bike storage facility with keypad entry - and perhaps a savings scheme to help them purchase a bike. But think laterally too - it's not all about transport, could you reduce the need to travel by investigating telecommutes for your employees? Evaluate which roles may be suitable for distance working, and what software you might need to facilitate this. A lot of roles can be done from anywhere with WiFi these days, and many workers appreciate the flexibility, especially if they normally face a long commute. Allowing work from home also reduces energy consumption in the office, which saves the planet and your budget.